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Month: September 2017

Cannabis Industry Experts Share Advice on Successful Career Transitioning

Cannabis Industry Experts Share Advice on Successful Career Transitioning

Cannabis Industry Experts Share Advice on Successful Career Transitioning

“Can you give me any advice on how to transition to the Cannabis Industry?”

This is the question I get asked most.

Let me start by saying that opportunities in the cannabis Industry are vast and the numbers are enticing. Entrepreneur Magazinesays that 283,000 Cannabis Industry Jobs will be created by 2020 and New Frontier Data expects the Cannabis Industry to be a $24 Billion industry by that same year. Enticing indeed.

Reaching out to the real experts for advice.

I have been living in Denver, Colorado for more than 10 years and have been active in the cannabis space from the beginning. I have had the opportunity and honor to connect with hundreds of men and women and businesses proudly active in the cannabis space both directly and through my cannabis industry networking platform. To get the best answers to the question I contacted the experts I know and respect. This is what I found:

Openly embrace Cannabis Legalization.

You can’t walk between the raindrops of legal cannabis. Fully embrace it to friends, family, Facebook and all your networking platforms. If you want a piece of the multibillion dollar cannabis pie you are going to have to get wet.

Most likely the person standing between you and opportunity is a cannabis industry pioneer or works for one. Keep in mind that she or he risked money, reputation and jail time to get where they are now and their sacrifice and relentless advocacy gave us the opportunities we have now in this new industry. If they even smell a hint of apathy toward cannabis legalization you’re finished.

Don’t be intimidated by the Cannabis Industry.

Cannabis business owners regularly get resumes from people that have never actually seen cannabis let alone tried it. Employers expect you to “know the product”.

I tell these folks to start by going to a local dispensary. 99 times out of 100 they will find the dispensary staff to be nothing short of professional. They will be versed about their products, respect your level of knowledge and have the patience to educate you. Buy something and try it; know the product!

Recognize Cannabis Businesses as “for profit” endeavors.

Cannabis businesses are highly regulated, over taxed, wrought with excessive governmental fees and live under the yoke of constantly increasing compliance rules. Every business pays and every business pays the same. All this is happening as cannabis prices continue to fall.

Now more than ever cannabis business owners need production efficiency, loss prevention, branding, marketing, increased sales volume, cost reduction and more. Do you have the skills to help?

This recruiter uses the word “love”.

I also reached out to Robin Ann Morris who is the owner of Mary Jane Agency, Ohio’s first cannabis employment agency, to get her take on the question. Morris advises her clients to, “Take what you love doing and apply it to the cannabis industry. Everything you are doing now is going to have to be done in the cannabis industry.”

“Take what you love doing and apply it to the cannabis industry?” That’s maybe the best advice of all.

Author Bio: James Kaufman is the founder and editor of the Cannabis Associates Network. James holds a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder and currently resides in Denver, Colorado.


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BC unveils cannabis legalization options: An in-depth look

BC unveils cannabis legalization options: An in-depth look

BC’s Solicitor General and Public Safety Ministry recently released their discussion paper on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation.

This is part of BC’s public engagement plan on cannabis which also consists of a joint committee with BC municipalities and a public survey, available here. The deadline for the survey is Nov. 1, 2017.

The discussion paper goes over what’s in Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act; Bill C-46, an act to amend the Criminal Code; the recommendations from the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation; and BC’s options.

The big takeaway is that while the federal government is retaining its control over licensing cannabis producers and the medical cannabis system, that still leaves a lot for the provinces and territories to decide.

The BC government is looking for YOUR input on:

  • Minimum Age
  • Personal Possession
  • Public consumption
  • Drug-Impaired Driving
  • Personal cultivation
  • Distribution and retail systems

What it comes down to basically is that Bills C-45 and C-46 set the bare minimum, and the provinces and territories have the power to impose stricter laws if they wish.

For example, when it comes to the Minimum Age, the federal minimum is 18, but BC could set it at 19, 21, or even higher.

Let’s have a look.

Minimum Age

As mentioned above, the federal minimum is 18 years, but BC has the option to increase it to 19, 21, or higher.

We predict that BC will likely set the minimum age at 19, bringing it in line with the minimum age for alcohol and tobacco in BC.

Personal Possession

Bill C-45 set a personal possession limit of 30 g of dried cannabis for adults, and the paper explains that the limit was set in order to distinguish between lawful personal use and trafficking. BC can go lower, but it is recommended to go with the suggested 30 g limit in order to maintain consistency across the country.

Bill C-45 also allows for youths to possess up to 5 g of dried cannabis, even though they are not allowed to buy or grow. This is to avoid unnecessary criminalization of youths for small amounts. BC could decide to prohibit any possession by youths, similar to alcohol.

Public Consumption

Bill C-45 bans cannabis smoking and vaping in federally-regulated spaces such as planes and trains, but other than that, it’s up to BC to decide on whether to allow public consumption or not.

The federal Task Force recommends that cannabis smoking and vaping face the same restrictions as tobacco, and municipalities could further ban cannabis smoking and vaping in public parks and beaches. Cannabis smoking in public could also be banned altogether, with allowances for cannabis vaping because it is less intrusive. The last option is to prohibit both smoking and vaping in public, but allow licensed cannabis lounges for consumption.

The paper also notes how methods of cannabis consumption that don’t involve smoking or vaping (ie. edibles and topicals) are much harder to detect to enforce.

Drug-Impaired Driving

This is where Bill C-46 comes in as an act to amend the Criminal Code. The amendments would give the federal government the authority to set a blood THC limit as they have with alcohol, although “there is not enough scientific evidence to link a particular blood THC level with impairment”.

The proposed changes list penalties that range from a $1000 fine to 10 years in jail.

BC currently allows law enforcement to issue an Immediate Roadside Prohibition or Administrative Driving Prohibition to drivers under the influence of alcohol, and BC could choose to expand that to include cannabis as well. But, as it is harder to prove cannabis impairment than it is with alcohol, other measures would have to be taken such as more officer training for Standard Field Sobriety Tests and Drug Recognition Expert programs.

Personal Cultivation

Bill C-45 allows for personal cultivation of up to four plants per household, with a 1 meter maximum height. It is worth noting that Canadians can grow tobacco and make alcohol at home with few restrictions.

BC could impose tighter restrictions on plant number and size, set restrictions on where and how cannabis can be grown at home, and even require home growers to register.

Distribution Model

When it comes to distribution, BC is looking at 3 models:

  • Government Distribution: this is where licensed producers send cannabis directly to government distributors. This gives government the most control, but it can be costly to implement. This is similar to the system we have with alcohol.
  • Private Distribution: this model allows private business to warehouse and distribute cannabis, but would still require extensive government oversight.
  • Direct Distribution: this model allows licensed producers to send their products directly to retailers, and it would still require extensive government oversight while also making it incredibly difficult for smaller producers to compete in the market.


Given that the July 2018 date is fast approaching, the federal government has acknowledged that provinces and territories may not be able to establish a retail framework in time, so the federal government will be implementing an online retail system for the time being.

In terms of retail model, BC can choose a public, private, or mix of both systems. BC currently has a mix of both with regards to alcohol. We believe a private system would be best as it would allow some of the dispensaries currently operating to be integrated into the legal system. This stands in stark contrast to Ontario’s planned public system, which will force all existing dispensaries in the province to shut down.

BC could also require stand-alone cannabis storefronts or allow pharmacies and liquor stores to sell cannabis as well.

BC could also implement a direct-to-consumer mail order system, which is similar to the system used by Health Canada for medical cannabis.


BC has a lot of decisions to make before July 2018, and it’s important that everybody, including you, fill out the survey so your voices gets heard! Help shape our province’s policies so it’s inclusive and fair for everybody involved.

The survey is available here.


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Online Headshops vs Local Headshops

Online Headshops vs Local Headshops

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017


There are more and more online headshops popping up every day. So naturally, the question on a lot of minds is ” Is an online headshop really better than a local headshop?”  To answer this, it’s important to understand what each has to offer. In this blog we are going to find out!

Lets Shop”Local”

Headshop sign

Headshop Sign

Local headshops are places newbies end up when they’re looking to buy a new pipe or dab rig. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. There’s nothing like seeing so much awesome stuff firsthand for the first time, right?

You get to see and touch products and hold them in your hand before you buy them. That alone is a classic experience that can’t be undervalued. It’s how humans have been judging quality of crafts since time immemorial, after all, and there’s a reason we still shop at brick and mortar stores at all in this digital age. We like that experience of touching, feeling, deciding right there in the moment.

Another huge benefit to going to a local headshop is the one-on-one facetime you can get with a local expert. These are people that live in your town. Maybe they even know you. You can explain to them your wants and goals. They can make recommendations based on what you said. You benefit from their knowledge and experience. There’s also a lot of benefits to being a regular patron of an establishment. Most businesses treat regular clientele like royalty. Especially if you are polite! Which is something that is easy to be in person when dealing one on one with folks.

Headshop…… What Headshop?

Of course, there are downsides to local headshops as well. I mean, does your town even have one? Most Americans still live in rural places and small cities. Unless you live in a bigger city or a college town, you may not even have a headshop.  This can definitely make it difficult to get to one.  A lot of small town Americans are used to traveling an hour or so by car to visit stores they want to see, but as gas prices rise and wages do not rise, traveling an hour to a headshop becomes a lot less practical.

Then there’s the inventory issue. Local headshops are limited by the amount of space they have in their store. As well as the how fast products are selling or not selling. They may not have the precise thing you’re looking for. You could probably order it online quicker than they could get it from their wholesaler. Which sort of defeats the instant gratification benefits of a brick and mortar headshop.

Online headshops

Online Headshops

Online Headshops

The biggest benefit to online headshops is that as long as you have access to the internet and a way to pay for the product, you have access to the products you want. Online headshops can stock huge inventory, because they’re not limited to the physical space that a brick and mortar headshop is. For what they lack in friendly salespeople, online headshops definitely make up for it in variety. Whatever you have in mind, an online headshop probably has it currently available.

So Many Options So Little Time

Some people may prefer online shopping as well, simply because you get to visually see loads of options in a relatively short amount of time. While some people may prefer to hold a pipe in their hand, others want to look at all of the pipes, and that’s how they make their decision, which is sort of a preference thing, but it’s a big part of why many prefer online headshops to local ones.

And while you won’t have as many salespeople at online headshops, it’s not like they’re without any human interaction at all. Most have customer service that can be reached by phone, email or online messaging and they’ll be happy to answer questions.

Online headshops also offer discretion. There’s nothing illegal about going to a headshop, but let’s face it: Humans can be judge-y creatures. For those who would prefer their smoking habits not to be known, online headshops obviously offer a level of discretion that local headshops simply can’t.

Going back to the variety thing, online headshops also tend to get a lot of new items in pretty regularly, so if you’re the type of person who likes to see what’s new, an online headshop’s your best bet.

Then there’s money. Online headshops are more likely to give out coupons, discounts and promo codes. Their brick and mortar counterparts, usually can’t afford it.  If you are interested in finding a reputable online head shop I highly recommend then head over to they carry a large inventory of products you’ll love at affordable prices!

Rolling Things Up

So, online headshops vs local headshops: Which one is better? That is a question only you can answer for yourself, but now that you’re better informed about the strong points of each, you’ve probably already made the decision.


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Study: 24% of Cancer Patients Use Medical Marijuana, 74% Want More Info

Study: 24% of Cancer Patients Use Medical Marijuana, 74% Want More Info

According to a new study published in the journal Cancer, nearly one in four cancer patients have consumed medical marijuana in the past year, with more than one in five having consumed it in the past month.

“Cannabis is purported to alleviate symptoms related to cancer treatment, although the patterns of use among cancer patients are not well known”, states the study’s abstract. “This study was designed to determine the prevalence and methods of use among cancer patients, the perceived benefits, and the sources of information in a state with legalized cannabis.”

For the study, “A cross-sectional, anonymous survey of adult cancer patients was performed at a National Cancer Institute–designated cancer center in Washington State. Random urine samples for tetrahydrocannabinol provided survey validation.”

926 cancer patients completed the survey, with a median age of 58 years. “Most had a strong interest in learning about cannabis during treatment”, with 74% wanting “information from cancer providers.”

Previous cannabis use was common (66%), 24% used cannabis in the last year, and 21% used cannabis in the last month.” Researchers state that; “Random urine samples found similar percentages of users who reported weekly use (27 of 193 [14%] vs 164 of 926 [18%]). Active users inhaled (153 of 220 [70%]) or consumed edibles (154 of 220 [70%]); 89 (40%) used both modalities.” Cannabis was used primarily for “physical (165 of 219 [75%]) and neuropsychiatric symptoms (139 of 219 [63%]).” Legalization significantly increased the likelihood of use in more than half of the respondents.

Researchers conclude by stating; “This study of cancer patients in a state with legalized cannabis found high rates of active use across broad subgroups, and legalization was reported to be important in patients’ decision to use. Cancer patients desire but are not receiving information about cannabis use during their treatment from oncology providers.”

About Anthony Martinelli

Anthony, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog, has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for Washington State Representative Dave Upthegrove. He has also been published by multiple media outlets, including the Seattle Times. He can be reached at


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Why You Need An Apocalypse Blunt Today

Why You Need An Apocalypse Blunt Today

Smoking a Blunt During the Apocalypse: The Apocalypse blunt

cannabis blunts to end times

We’ve got major hurricanes hitting the US, earthquakes in Mexico, a political system in shambles and discontent on every side of the social spectrum. I don’t want to sound alarmist or anything…but this is starting to look a tad bit apocalyptic if you ask me. 
Fortunately, the nihilist in me could give two shits about the end of the world. Where most people fear such chaotic scenarios…I’m quite chill when it comes to these events. 

That’s why I decided to roll an Apocalypse Blunt. 

What is an Apocalypse Blunt?

I asked my cannabis hookup to roll me a special blunt. I wanted only the finest weed, covered with kief and dabs and rolled in cannabis leaf. This stogie was not cheap. Once I purchased the blunt, I went and vacuum sealed it and placed it in a dark place. 
Now, no matter if there is a foreign invasion, a comet heading straight for earth, alien invasion or zombie apocalypse…I’ll be able to head into it blazed and ready for anything. 

I knew that the blunt had to be special so I ensured that it had the absolute best ingredients. Now some of you might say, “Dude…that’s going a bit too far” but the prepper inside of me knows that the amount of stress during a moment of chaos can make people do stupid things. 

Toking up will allow you to have a moment of peace before the shit hits the fan. It will ensure that you don’t react to the situation, but you take a step backwards and critically assess the event. 

When it’s the end of the world…

Let’s go to the extreme for a bit. Let’s say the apocalyptic event will extinguish humanity as we know it. Don’t you think it would be amazing to go down blazing a big phatty? I mean, if a comet were to hit earth and kill us all…I’d like to go to the beach, whip out my Apocalypse blunt and watch our demise in living color. In most instances, you’d be dead instantaneously and you’ll be going on the ultimate trip. 

Some might say you need to about your wits when you’re faced with dire situations like this. But if death is certain then I say fuck it…let’s go out with a bang. Hell, I might even do heroin if it’s the last day on earth for humanity. 

What if it’s not the end of the world…

Okay, perhaps I’m being a bit too melodramatic with the ‘end of the world’ bit…let’s say it’s a minor apocalyptic event. Perhaps, a super storm were to hit or you’re in an earthquake stuck in your home not able to move. 

If you need to wait for rescuers to come get you…it’s way better to wait completely baked. It might even inspire you to take proactive steps to ensure your survival. I have seen stoners do amazing feats under the influence. In fact, last year I was stuck in a hurricane, next to a river with electric cables dangling mere meters from where I was. I could have been scared or panicked about ‘what could happen’ but I was rather amazed about the power of the storm while I was smoking a blunt. 

During that hurricane, my brother and I made make-shift shelters out of shit we found lying around because we were talking about it while we were high. We survived that storm with flying colors and actually kind of enjoyed it. 

Smoking weed allows you to deal with stressful situations quite nicely. Additionally, when shit really hits the fan…you sober up in seconds. Adrenaline is a powerful chemical and it will certainly take charge if your life is truly in danger. 


Having a weed survival kit

The Apocalypse blunt is my ‘this is it’ moment. It’s something I’ll smoke when I know that ‘fucked’ is an understatement. For other semi-apocalyptic events, I have a weed survival kit. No, this isn’t a box having weed and a lighter in it…rather…it’s a shit load of weed seeds. 

Why do I have weed seeds for a dire moment? Let’s say the world descends into chaos, cannabis could very well become your currency. People will still need medicines, food and so forth. I have enough seeds to start a plantation. If all goes to hell, I’m finding some vacant land and starting to plant all those seeds because I know that within the next six months or so…when medicine, food and drugs are scarce…I’ll be the guy to supply to the world. I’ll start hemp fields, marijuana fields and so forth and will ride out the apocalypse like a champ. 

I don’t know…I was really high when I wrote this piece…so maybe it’s just a stoner’s dream…but then again…if all goes to hell…I’ll be prepared. 








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Top smoke tricks for beginners

Top smoke tricks for beginners

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Smoke Tricks

Smoke Tips For Smoke Tricks

People smoke different things for different reasons. But smoke tricks are a whole other side of smoking that is starting to intrigue more and more people. It is so enticing to many smokers that they end up visiting an online head shop and getting ready to learn how to do smoke tricks.

There are all kinds of smoke tricks. But obviously, some are a lot easier than others. As a beginner, you don’t have that skill to determine which is considered a hard trick and which isn’t. So we’re going to help you out on that front. Here, we are going to give you some neat examples of easy smoke tricks that every beginner should learn how to do. These are what is considered the first step in becoming a smoke tricks master, so make sure you mater them carefully as you can’t move upward in ranks until you get down everything there is to perfect about these particular tricks.

Smoke Trick #1  The Ghost Inhale

Smoke Tricks

Smoke Tricks “The Ghost” Inhale

The ghost inhales the number one trick you should know as a smoke tricks artists. Its the very first one you should start practicing as well. It’s a really easy trick which will help you understand the fundamentals of smoke tricks a lot faster.

The trick implies that you puff out a ball of smoke which you then rapidly inhale again. Thus creating the appearance of a ghost being inhaled. It goes by some other names as well such as the mushroom cloud.  To make things easier for you, keep the smoke in your oral cavity for a little bit before gently letting it out. This will help with creating the puffball effect of smoke which can then be easily inhaled or “snapped” back in.

Smoke Trick #2  The dragon

Smoke Tricks “the Dragon” Exhale

This is a pretty cool one that all beginners want to learn, for good reason. Sadly enough, you can’t be a real dragon, but you can surely fool a friend or two with this awesome trick.  In definition, it’s really simple, but in practice, it will take you a bit before you get down the mechanics. The trick revolves around taking a drag without inhaling it. After that, blow it out violently through your nose and both sides of your mouth. This will create a compelling “dragon breath” effect which will make you look vicious.

Smoke Trick #3  The waterfall

This is a little more special because you need a prop to do it. The waterfall revolves around taking a drag, then blowing out the smoke inside a bottle which has frozen water at the bottom. Afterwards, simply turn the bottle upside down and watch as your smoke acts as a heavy curtain which falls gently, like a mysterious waterfall. It’s one of the more elegant tricks you can master, especially so early on.


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How To Make Your Very Own Green Lion Salve

How To Make Your Very Own Green Lion Salve

One of the most underestimated treatments- topicals containing cannabis- are often tragically overlooked. It isn’t uncommon to suggest a salve or oil to someone in serious pain and be looked at like you just suggested putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound; however, it is often followed with a look of surprised relief, especially when using the Green Lion Salve.

The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club‘s version of tiger balm, the Green Lion Salve creates both heating and cooling effects. It can be a very effective anti-inflammatory, bring some significant relief to soft tissue pain and for most people, this happens almost instantly…it also happens to be very reasonable and easy to make at home.

Please note: Green Lion Salve is not to be used on broken skin, if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding.


  • Massage oil – At The VCBC, we use cannabis infused, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • Essential Oils – Eucalyptus, Camphor, Menthol, Lavender, Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Cinnamon and Peppermint
  • Beeswax

How To Make Your Own Green Lion Salve:

We make (approx 7 x 4 oz’ bottles) from the above proportions

  1. Warm 1 Cup of Massage Oil
  2. Add Essential Oils (by the drop): 7 Eucalyptus, 7 Camphor, 6 Menthol, 9 Lavender, 7 Tea Tree, 7 Wintergreen and 6 Peppermint
  3. Stir all the the ingredients together
  4. Leave overnight
  5. Melt and stir
  6. Add 8 drops of Cinnamon Oil
  7. Add ⅓ -½ cup melted beeswax
  8. Stir and enjoy


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Appeals hearing wraps up on Denver 4/20 organizer's ban

Appeals hearing wraps up on Denver 4/20 organizer's ban

A ruling as to whether Denver’s three-year ban against the organizer of the 4/20 rally will stick or be nipped could come in the next two months.

On Wednesday, a two-day hearing wrapped up on event organizer Miguel Lopez’s appeal of the penalties imposed by the city of Denver following the marijuana-centric event on April 20. The city handed down a slew of violations against Lopez, citing trash and security concerns.

Attorneys for Lopez and the city have until Oct. 9 to submit their post-hearing briefs — providing legal and factual arguments on the case.

Following review of the hearing recordings, materials and subsequent briefs, hearing officer David Ramirez is expected to issue a ruling by Nov. 20, city officials said.

According to the city of Denver, another party could apply for a permitted event on April 20 in Civic Center Park — marijuana-related or otherwise — when the 2018 permit process begins on Nov. 1. Such an move would be dependent upon the outcome of Tuesday’s hearing and whether its outcome triggers additional litigation.


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Washington Regulators Seek Public Comment on Legalizing Home Cultivation for All Adults

Washington Regulators Seek Public Comment on Legalizing Home Cultivation for All Adults


The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) is seeking written public comment and will hold a public hearing on Wed. Oct. 4, 2017 on whether the State should allow home grows of recreational marijuana.

Legislation enacted in 2017 directs the WSLCB to “conduct a study of regulatory options for the legalization of marijuana plant possession and cultivation by recreational marijuana users.” The study must take into account the “Cole Memo,” issued by the United State Department of Justice in 2013, which outlines the federal government’s enforcement priorities in states where medical or recreational marijuana has been legalized or decriminalized. The study and recommendations are due to the Legislature on Dec. 1, 2017

“The agency is actively engaging other states, the public, the industry and stakeholders. We know there are many perspectives to this issue and we want to ensure they are captured for our report and recommendations,” said agency director Rick Garza.

Please enter your information below to contact the WSLCB in support of recreational home grow.

Also, please click here and take a moment to fill out Washington NORML’s survey about home cultivation rights in Washington State.

About Anthony Martinelli

Anthony, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog, has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for Washington State Representative Dave Upthegrove. He has also been published by multiple media outlets, including the Seattle Times. He can be reached at


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