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Marijuana-Themed Memorials

Marijuana-Themed Memorials

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Marijuana Inlay Heart Sterling Silver Memorial Jewelry

Marijuana-Themed Memorials Are Here for Your Coolest Departed Loved Ones

Disclaimer: This blog starts out as a bummer, but picks up quickly afterwards.

A memorial for a loved one is meant to serve as a testament to their memory. It’s common, then, for people to be interred in a way that displays their personality. Maybe they’re buried with copies of their favorite music, or maybe their tombstone displays their unending wit. But what if Grandma’s favorite hobby was of a, ahem, “higher” calling? The answer, of course, is found in the internet. Perfect Memorials, an e-commerce business focused on cremation urns and jewelry, has released a line of marijuana-themed memorial products.

marijuana-themed memorials

Perfect Memorials Makes Marijuana-Themed Memorials to Remember Your Awesome Grandma By

Perfect Memorials’ cannabis line has made it possible to cherish the memories of your awesome, pot-smoking Grandma. Their product line includes a wide selection of urns and cremation jewelry that all contain beautiful engravings of pot leaves. If your loved one has been cremated, you can keep a portion of their ashes in a memorial that will be an important and valuable aspect of their personality. A couple examples of Perfect Memorial’s marijuana-themed products are below.

Small Marijuana Leaf Book Cremation Urn - EngravableMarijuana-Themed Memorials: Urns — Funeral urns are vessels that hold the ashes of the deceased. Their small size makes them easy to keep in the home, remaining close to loved ones. Perfect Memorial’s selection of urns varies in size and complexity, from this small box with a simple engraved pot leaf, to an extra-large chest with a field of cannabis on the front.

Marijuana Inlay Heart Sterling Silver Memorial Jewelry

Marijuana-Themed Memorials: Cremation Jewelry — Cremation jewelry includes pendants and other pieces of jewelry that are designed with a hollow body to hold a portion of the deceased’s ashes. This jewelry is the perfect way to carry the memory of your loved ones with you, and Perfect Memorial’s marijuana leaf-engraved jewelry can help you remember a favorite hobby that you shared! Cremation jewelry typically has space for a small amount of ash, or other substances, to help you remember a dear friend or relative.

It’s a Budding Market

If pouring out a drink can become a cultural idiom for remembering a loved one, then it’s no surprise that puffing one out, so to speak, can become one too. On a larger scale, this is just another tangible sign that pot is becoming more and more acceptable in American culture. We know that 60% of US adults believe that marijuana should be legalized and one in eight say that they currently smoke it, double from what it was just 3 years ago. On a more personal scale, this growing level of acceptance means that you can honor your loved ones’ memory openly, publicly, and as they would want to be remembered.

You can check out all of Perfect Memorial’s marijuana-themed urns and memorial jewelry on their website. Feel free to comment with ideas for how to best remember your pot-smoking loved ones below.

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