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Blockchain ledgers offer transparent solution for Seed-to-Sale Tracking

Blockchain ledgers offer transparent solution for Seed-to-Sale Tracking

A blockchain-based seed-to-sale tracking system would give complete transparency without costing taxpayers the “millions” Task Farce leader Anne McLellan promised.

Here’s merely one way, courtesy of Redditor 086709, of using the blockchain to do something more effectively and cost-efficient than a government administrative bureaucracy.

Remember that the blockchain is a ledger. So instead of mining bitcoins, FarmerID tokens will be issued to growers by some authority.  Who this authority is and what kind of power they wield depends on any number of factors.

It preferably shouldn’t be Justin’s Liberals. Theoretically, every municipality in Canada can have a cannabis seed-to-sale tracking blockchain so that the local authority can issue, freeze and generate new FarmerID tokens.

Additionally, there are tokens issued to represent each and every plant during its lifecycle, from seed to harvest to sale.

Held in contracts between the farmer and the authority, the public addresses of the PlantID’s, HarvestID’s and SaleIDs will be provided to the farmer, allowing him or her to identify each plant through the growing, harvest and selling cycle.

At harvest, HarvestID tokens are issued to represent the harvested product, entrusted only in the audit contract.

The SaleIDs are the tokens issued to represent the sale of each product.

Those are the components, here’s how it all works:

Whether seed or clone, upon each cutting/sprouting, the grower will send a FarmerID token to the authority who holds the contract which returns the FarmerID token and sends a plantID to the Audit Contract.

This establishes the audit period which logs the plant into the blockchain using the Audit Contract.

This creates a FarmersID and PlantID hash the grower submits to the audit contract. A hash is an identification as well as an integrity verification.

In submitting the hash, the grower specifies the current status of the plant, this could include its weight, THC/CBD levels, relative health. They would even specify whether it died and if it did, the PlantID held in contract would be destroyed.

When the plant is harvested, the grower sends a transaction to the Audit contract containing their FarmerID and the PlantID to be harvested, and the total weight of the harvested product.

The Audit contract then destroys the PlantID’s and generates HarvestIDs by taking the total weight and breaking it into individual portions, however defined, generating one HarvestID token per portion.

The HarvestID is sent back to the Audit contract and the FarmerID is returned to the senders address.

Every sale is processed with the Auditor contract. When a sale is made a hash is generated, identifying the amount sold and from which HarvestID it came from.

Each HarvestID is tracked by the auditor so that when the product has been sold, and an audit has been activated, the harvestID is destroyed and logged as cleared.

The auditor logs the contract and generates a SaleID which they also hold.

Product that does not have a harvestID cannot be added into the chain, so only fully tracked products make it to sale in this system.

Data in the chain is pseudonymous so that industry insights into production and trends can be gained without compromising privacy and security.

In a society that demands government action, local cannabis enforcement boards can control the minting of new FarmerIDs.

Since the Audit contract allows for auditing of different tokens to look for discrepancies, checking for any leaks in the production process, a blockchain “smart contract” would likely serve better than a manual hands-on approach by municipal governments.

Legal cannabis is new and emerging. We don’t have to repeat the same old mistakes of regulation.

If the public wants commercial cannabis tracked, then governments would be best to relinquish control and cede to the blockchain.

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Marijuana Use: Workplace Rules vs. Drug Laws

Marijuana Use: Workplace Rules vs. Drug Laws

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Marijuana Use – Different factors in decision-making

Even in states where marijuana use is legal, about a quarter of people will never use it. There are also about a fifth of people will use the drug regardless of its legal status.

However, for all the people in the middle of those two extremes, many things factor into their decision of whether to use marijuana. The price, potential governmental records and the rules in their workplace are all important considerations, according to Mike McLaughlin, a Yale School of Public Health graduate student. He noted that workplace bans are a particularly key issue.

McLaughlin presented his research at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting. He tried to determine what matters most to people in the states that are voting on marijuana legalization, and what states can do to influence people’s decision.

For his study, he surveyed over 500 adult residents of Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

Workplace rules have the greatest impact

About five percent of survey respondents said that they would be less likely to use the drug if the state government tracked purchases. A similar number said that if it were illegal to smoke in public, that would be a deterrent. If the price rose by about $20/gram (through taxes and fees), another five percent would be less likely to use.

However, if a state made it difficult for a company to fire an employee for using marijuana outside of the workplace, nine percent of people were more likely to smoke. A complete lack of workplace repercussions meant that 20 percent more people would use the drug.

Certainly, as McLaughlin said, an individual’s commitment to their job makes a difference. If someone is in a low-paying job with high turnover, they may care less about their employer’s rules. However, someone with a highly paid job that they enjoy might decide that avoiding any possible repercussions is most important to them.

Might not be a problem much longer

Under the Drug-Free Workplace Act, companies are allowed to test for marijuana use and prohibit employees from using even when they are off the clock. But, if it stops being regulated at the federal level, that could change.

It’s difficult for a test to tell how recently a person used cannabis. In Colorado, employers have started turning to drug tests that ignore marijuana use altogether, since the drug has been legal for recreational use since 2012.

Many industries have relaxed their views on recreational marijuana use outside of work hours, but industries with a high level of safety concern have been more likely to maintain a no-tolerance policy.

For most people in McLaughlin’s study, the goal was clear – they want marijuana to be treated like alcohol. Depending on how votes go in the next few years that may happen sooner than you think.

Written by Robert Bergman, founder of Robert has been passionately exploring and experimenting with cannabis seeds for over 20 years and shares these insights to help prospective growers get the most out of their plants. On top of that, Robert engages to fully liberate marijuana by offering his views in the political, social, market and industry area of our beloved plant.

ABOUT Erica Silva

Erica Silva is a blogger by choice.  She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs.Erica Silva talks about Marijuana Use

Find her on Twitter:@silvaderica

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Bedrocan becomes world’s first GMP-approved medicinal cannabis producer

Bedrocan becomes world’s first GMP-approved medicinal cannabis producer

Following a rigorous inspection by the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate, Bedrocan in the Netherlands has become the world’s first producer of medicinal cannabis to be compliant with the European Medicines Agency’s good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards. This is the first time a medicinal cannabis producer has reached such a high level of compliance. Bedrocan’s production facilities in Canada and the Czech Republic are expected to become fully compliant next year.

GMP is the highest standard a medicine manufacturer must meet in its production process.

Tjalling Erkelens, Chairman of Bedrocan International, said: “This is a significant recognition. We have always aimed to meet the highest pharmaceutical standards. Now our way of working is officially recognised by the authorities.”

Since 2003, Bedrocan has produced standardized medicinal cannabis as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). It is the only company in the world to produce cannabis flos (the whole, dried flower) with a constant composition of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Bedrocan’s Dutch-made medicinal cannabis supplies patients and researchers in the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Finland, Israel, Italy, Macedonia and Poland.

Perry Davidson, CEO and founder of Israel’s Syqe Medical, which incorporates Bedrocan’s medicinal cannabis in its metered-dose inhaler said: “Syqe Medical has developed the world’s first inhaler that delivers medicinal cannabis with the level of precision of traditional medicines. A key factor in our ability to provide a pharmaceutical-grade solution is Bedrocan’s standardised product and uncompromising quality. The GMP compliance achieved by Bedrocan marks a major leap forward for medicinal cannabis, and its acceptance as a mainstream treatment by the medical community.”

In Canada and the Czech Republic, Bedrocan’s unique production methods are licensed to exclusive partners.

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The Best Weed Grinders Of 2017

The Best Weed Grinders Of 2017

Aside from coffee and donut, there’s no better pair than a good vape and a weed grinder.

Weed grinders have grown popularity over the years thanks to the booming cannabis industry in different parts of the world.

For you, the cannabis connoisseur, there’s no better way to start 2017 than buying a new weed grinder that can be paired with your vaporizer to enhance your vaping experience.  

However, New weed grinders seem to hit the market regularly, while this can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming having so many options and price points to choose from.

If you are new to the vaping world you might be wondering:

What the hell is a weed grinder?

Weed grinder is a small device that grinds different kinds of plant material ranging from cannabis to herb to tobacco. Depending on the design of the weed grinder, it has 1 or more compartments and materials typically made of acrylic, metal or wood.

Best Weed Grinder 

At Smokazon, we offer some of the best weed grinders that you’ll see in the market today. Since we know that different users have different needs, we’ve come up with a list of the best weed grinders for 2017. 

For this list, we divide them into categories, and we grade each grinder by multiple different factors:

Performance, Quality, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, and Price.

The categories listed below for the best weed grinder are as follows: 

Best Overall Grinder, Best Value Grinder, Best Quality Grinder, Best Fine Grinder, Best Travel Grinder, and Best Stealth Grinder. You can read an explanation for each category here.

We’ve also included a full review for each herb grinder under the table made by our in-house grinder experts.

Read on to discover our best weed grinder pick for each category! You can either skip to your favorite grinder using these table or grab a vape, get comfy and keep scrolling!

Best Overall Weed Grinder

Based on: Performance, Quality, Cleaning/maintenance, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, Price.

Kannastor Grinder 

Best weed GrindersThe Kannastor Grinder is your type of herb grinder engineered to make grinding weed easy and efficient. In terms of material used, the manufacturer invested in aerospace technology in making this particular product. Therefore, if you are considering a grinder with a highly durable design, this is the way to go.

A bit cheaper than most grinders within its class, this makes the Kannastor grinder our top pick among consumers.

It has an efficient design that lets you avoid problems such as pollen and resin that stick to the grinding teeth. And because of this, it also makes maintenance quite a breeze. It also has a replaceable screen which helps prevent hard maintenance concerns. The 4-piece version measures 2.5 inches, while there is also the full 8-piece grinder under its GR8TR line.

Upon unboxing the Kannastor Grinder, you’ll notice its sleek and minimalist design. It also allows you to peek how much herb you have since it has been actually as a clear jar unlike other herb grinders in the market.

It has a screw in the mechanism that gives you the option whether to produce a course grind or a finer grind depending on what you actually prefer on your vaporizer. In terms of performance, the Kannastor Grinders can ground the herb just enough that the herbs don’t also burn too quickly once you started vaping.

What stands out the most on the Kannastor grinder is its grinding compartment’s aluminum teeth found in the lid and the bottom. It efficiently takes your material into smaller pieces. It is also worth mentioning that the screen has the right sized holes that allow the crystals to pass. 

If you’ve felt frustrated about cleaning your grinder, then this isn’t an issue when using the Kannastor grinder. All you need to do is to replace the screen, and you are all set. You’ll just need screen pliers to remove or replace the screen.

So what are the things that you might not like about this grinder? Though it serves the great use for the pickiest vaping enthusiasts, it can be a quite complicated especially for someone who is quite new to vaping. The more compartments you prefer on Kannastor Grinders, the more complicated it could get. 

Best Grinder For Money

Based on: Performance, Probability, Easy of use, Price.

Space case grinder

6-space-case-best weed grinders Considered by some critics as the Bentley of grinders, Space Grinders is one of the oldest names in the business. Made of aerospace aluminum and titanium coated, this device is considered as a standout in the market. Since made of high-quality material, this device can also withstand fall and will not get scratched or get damaged easily.

One notable feature of the Space Case grinder is its Strong Magnetic Lids. This means that the lid stays on and for a good reason. It allows the buds to stay in place, and avoid wastes. And though there’s a magnet, it still allows free spinning thanks to its thread design.

Space Case grinder also has sharp teeth that grind the whole herbs finely. It is because of its sharp diamond teeth that allow users to slice through the thickest herbs that you can find. Unlike other products that no longer perform well after a few years, you can guarantee that the Space Case grinder’s teeth remain sharp even if it is frequently used.

The Space Case Grinder can also give you the best value for your money because it leaves no material left on the device.

Also, if you like carrying around your weed grinder, the Space Case grinder is actually lightweight. It also has Teflon-grade O-rings that make the device ergonomic even to those people with arthritis. It helps the device to not cause friction when you are grinding it. This results in a much smoother overall performance.

The Space Case is grinder has three different sizes which give you the chance to choose which item fits your vaping needs. It is available in both 2-piece and the more expensive 4-piece version. The four-piece Space Case grinder has kief screens made for pollen collection in its special chamber.

There are only a few things that you might not like about this particular vaporizer. For instance, in terms of performance, you’ll notice material can also get stuck if you load Some materials leave amounts at one time. Though a simple concern that can be fixed, it can still be considered a design flaw nonetheless. However, it can be fixed just by shaking the grinder.

Best Quality Grinder

Based on: Performance, Quality, Easy of use

Mama P’s Grinder

5-mama-ps -best weed grinders Mama P’s Grinder is an award winning grinder made from the top recycled aircraft quality aluminum material. Though there is already some aluminum made grinders in the market, not a lot can say that they’ve entered the industry with a bang.

Among the awards, this product received included First Place for Best New Product during the High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Denver.

For a lot of people who used Mama P’s grinder, it is already considered a classic weed grinder. It features what a classic American made product is all about. If you are looking for precision, durability, and grinding herbs into small pieces, then this device is considered the best product.

It is a 4-part herb grinder that has an included lifetime warranty upon its purchase as evidence of its superior quality. Included in this grinder is also a magnetic lighter, which matches everything that you will ever need to get satisfaction on your weed. It also features one of the deepest grinder tray in the market.

According to the manufacturer, this weed grinder has been crafted in the US and has been inspected 10 times before it was approved. Included is a replaceable 60-micron titanium screen that has been hand wedged in each grinder, allowing you to replace the screen if it ever gets damaged. 

The bottom component of Mama P’s Grinder also functions as a kief catcher that collects pollen dust that goes through the replaceable screen.

It is also best known for its ergonomic design which has even been praised by people who have arthritis. And lastly, Mama P’s Grinder has 57 diamond cut teeth that allow its output to a favorite among weed connoisseurs.

One thing that you may not like about this product though is that it can be quite expensive. The cheapest is already at the same price as the Space Case and Kannastor which can be a turn-off for some. But what do you expect? You really get what you pay for.

Best Travel Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Easy of use, Price

Compton Grinder

Best weed grindersThe Compton Grinder is one of those herb grinders that you don’t expect to be highly competitive against top-of-the-line grinders such as the Space Case. You rarely hear it, unlike its other counterparts. However, upon inspection, you’ll notice that it can be considered just as good as the other options out top options out there.

Upon inspection, the aircraft grade aluminum material is similar to other durable brands in the market. In addition to this, the Compton Grinder has an ashtray that gives a brassy metallic feel.

The top part of the Compton Grinder includes grinder teeth that are both sharp and sturdy. It has 16 teeth located on the grinder cap with 11 interlocking by the bottom. The reason behind the uneven number of teeth on top and bottom of the device can be considered a genius. Compton Grinder has an uneven number of teeth to allow the material to be loaded and grounded finely.

The device has a strong neodymium magnet that keeps everything in place. The kief collection works chamber at the bottom also works perfectly. In fact, if you use the grinder often, you’ll notice the amount of pollen you’ll be able to get to the bottom of this herb grinder.

This product’s design is known for its attention to the slightest detail including a curvature found in the kief basin which allows easy removal of the scrap. The Compton Grinder is available in 4-piece and 2-piece versions for your preference.

Best Fine Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Grinding, Price

Santa Cruz Grinder

best weed grindersIf you’ve been using acrylic herb grinders over the years, you are definitely missing a lot. The Santa Cruz Grinder is more than just your typical weed grinder. What makes the Santa Cruz grinder special is how fine it delivers the herbs. It has a unique tooth design that grinds without mashing your materials.

On the outside, the Santa Cruz Grinder is made of an aluminum material that makes the item resilient to getting dropped or from scratches. This particular herb grinder is available in four different sizes that can be considered a reliable partner for vaping your favorite herbs.

The four-piece grinder has three different chambers. The top and the center are connected to each other that allows the already grounded herbs to fall. The center is then connected to the bottom connected by a stainless steel mesh that further screens smallest particles.

The Santa Cruz grinder has also been designed to keep your herb in place with both a magnet and a unique thread pattern that connects the different pieces. The magnet allows everything in place while you grind in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The thread, on the other hand, prevents the material of the weed grinder from grinding against each other.

Details also make this particular grinder standout from the rest. It has added grip by the side. It also comes in different composition either you want a 2-piece or a 4-piece weed grinder.

Best Stealth Grinder

Based on: Performance, Portability, Size, Price

Grinder Card 

best weed grinders If you are looking for the simplest construction that can get the job done, the Grinder Card is a great option for you. This type of vaporizer is an unconventional approach to the typical round-shaped grinder design that has become popular in the market recently. This credit card sized grinder fits in your wallet and is considered a discreet weed solution by a lot of weed users today.

Made of medical grade stainless steel, it allows you to grind your material without the threat of having any after taste due to the material used on the grinder. It is also easy to clean because of this. You can clean this grinder using alcohol.

It also isn’t rocket science to operate this herb grinder. This grinder works exactly like a cheese grater. By simply placing the material on the surface of the grinder, you can already get your herbs in its finer version ready for vaporization or even for your roll.

This herb grinder features dual grind surface. It allows the sure to have either fine or medium grind depending on what you really prefer.

Unfortunately, its design can also have its drawbacks. For one, it doesn’t save your kief. For serious vaping connoisseurs, that’s a deal breaker. In addition to this, it takes more effort to grind the herbs on the Grinder Card than other conventional options out there in the market.

Unlike other brands that have a collecting basin, you will have to improvise on this particular product. It is important that you have a clean surface or paper that collects the material underneath. And lastly, though you can keep it in your wallet, this device can be a bit messy.

For a lot of users, the Grinder Card isn’t their primary grinder. Instead, they only make use of this product as an alternative when they are not at home. 

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Grinder

As the market for vaporizers grew, it follows that the number of herb grinders in the market also increased in number. It’s no secret that vaping is best enjoyed when the material is cut and grounded into small pieces. Grinders allow the vaporizers to evenly heat the material when grounded to smaller bits.

But it can be quite confusing to choose the right grinder. Given the number of weed grinders in the market today, anyone can easily get overwhelmed by all the jargons and technical terms that you’ll encounter when reading the review.

In reality, buying decision towards the right grinder can be simplified even for the beginners. Here are some things that you want to consider.

How Many Compartments Do You Need

In my opinion, this is the most important question when buying a grinder. 

Try to answer this 2 questions to find out how if you need single chamber or perhaps multi chambers:

What kind of vape enthusiast are you?

Do you also collect the kief? According to Wikipedia: Kief refers to the resinous trichomes of Cannabis that may accumulate in containers or be sifted from loose, dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen or sieve. In other words: Kief is the THC-rich resin that falls off the herb when grounded into small pieces.

There are 3 types of grinders:

2 Piece Grinder:2 piece grinder - Best weed grinder

This type of grinder, also known as a 1 chamber, have only one designated area where your weed is being grounded.

Because of the 1 compartment, the ground herb might be in different sizes which can make the grinding process longer.

Once you have done your first round of grinding, you should open and see if any big bud sizes need to be re-grind.

3 Piece Grinder: 3 piece grinder - best weed grinders

This type of grinder, also known as 2 chamber grinder, has an additional compartment that sits right below the grinding surface.

This compartment collects all the fine herbs that fall through when the weed doesn’t break down enough.

4 Piece Grinder:

This type of grinder, also known as 3 chamber grinder, has a third area: the kief catcher.
4 piece best weed grindersAs mentioned before the kief is the THC-rich resin(small crystals) that falls off while grinding. With other grinders, you simply don’t have the option to collect those THC crystals, and as a result, they do not get smoked. With the 4 piece grinder, you are able to collect all these goodies that fall to the bottom.

To quick summarize it: If kief is one of your priorities, it’s a good idea to choose a 4-piece grinder that has a mesh screen on its lowest compartment. This screen helps to collect the resin that falls off the bud.

On the other hand, if Kief isn’t your priority, then you can always stick to the 2-piece weed grinder set up.


The number one consideration that you have to make is to choose a high performing grinder that meets your needs. Though there’s no general rule on how to define performance, there are those grinders that provide both fine and course grind to its users. If you are serious about vaping, it is imperative that the herbs don’t end up too small to get easily burned, as well.


You can always view grinders as a long term investment whether you like rolling your herbs or you plan on using the most expensive vaporizers. It is crucial that you check the overall durability of the item whenever you decide to get one. Is it going to last for a good number of years? Is it made of a durable material or just some crappy plastic?

Do the teeth in time become blunt? Highest quality products don’t have this kind of problem. In fact, you won’t have problems grinding the huge amount of herbs at the very same time.


A lot of people forget about ergonomics. Does it have extra grips? Does it slip in your hands when you use it? Keep in mind that not everyone has strong hands that can handle the most complicated designs. This is especially important especially for people with arthritis taking medical cannabis for their condition.

The good news is that manufacturers today are very particular how they design their products. It is just as important to take into consideration any difficulty users are going to have when using the product.


Vaping attitude has changed over the years. Nowadays, portable vaporizers have become popular. Gone are the days when vaping can only be enjoyed in someone’s basement.

Because of this trend, the demand for portable vaping also increased and so is the need for portable grinders. Unfortunately, not all grinders are convenient to use outside.

There are those that are somewhat bulky and can even grab the attention of other people. Fortunately, some versions can be kept in your wallet and can be used just the same as a cheese grater. Unfortunately, this setup usually doesn’t have the ability to collect the kief.


Always remember that price isn’t the only consideration that you need to look into.  However, also keep in mind that it remains as an important factor that you should check if you decide to ever invest on herb grinders.

But of course, always remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best option. The same goes for the most expensive option. To get the best value for your money, always consider other features of the product. Does it have a warranty? Does it fit your needs? Is it really durable?


It is always a good idea to have a clean grinder. But the reality is entirely different. A lot of herb grinders in the market can get messy especially after it has grounded your herb. It’s a common dilemma among herb enthusiasts to encounter problems such as materials getting stuck in between the teeth of the grinder.

For this scenario, make sure to use materials that can minimize all the mess. Some materials leave less mess especially when you consider the removable screens that can be cleaned. It is a good idea to check if the screens can be replaceable. 


Some products have a lifetime warranty. For others, it only has a warranty up to a certain time. Regardless, warranty gives you peace of mind that what you just purchased is guaranteed to work by the manufacturer up to a period of time. It is also a good measure up to when can the herb grinder keep up and perform as expected.

As a consumer, you should always be smart on how you judge an item you plan to buy. Remember pricing can be determined by several factors including marketing. Some brands will be a bit more expensive than others because of branding or because of the hype built around it.

Categories Info:

Best Overall Weed Grinder – This category featuring the best grinder available in the market in terms of Performance, Cleaning/Maintenance Quality, Probability, Easy of use, Warranty, Price.

This is the creme da la creme of the weed grinders on the market today. With the easy screen change, smooth and fine grinding that’s the one, we will recommend to whether you are a beginner or master grinding! This is the one we are using around the office, and we love it!

Best Value Grinder – This category featuring the best value for money grinder in terms of Performance, Probability, and Easy of use and most important Price. The grinder rated in this category will not only give you the best performance it’s will also come with affordable price tag and easy of use. The grinder will satisfy your daily grinding without breaking and delivering great results!

Best Quality Grinder – This category features the best quality grinder in terms of Performance, Easy of use and most important Quality. This grinder rated in this category made of the best materials and could handle tough work with ease.

Best Travel Grinder – This category features the best grinder in terms of Performance, Portability, Easy of use and Price. This is the grinder to take with you when you travel whether it’s outdoor activity like hiking, skiing, flying or indoor like hotel or just visiting friends. This grinder’s price tag make it affordable to buy as the second grinder to take around.

Best Fine Grinder – This category features the best quality grinder in terms of grinding your herb fine and getting the most out of it. The grinder will give you fine grinding bud every time with smooth and easy use.

Best Stealth Grinder – This category features the best grinder in terms of  Performance, Portability, Size, and price. The grinder will be a grinder you can carry around with no one knowing you actually carry one. It’s a grinder you can simply stick in your wallet and go.

Still confuse with all options?

If you still can’t quite figure out what weed grinder is best for you, ask yourself these questions and shoot me an email or comment below with your replies:

1. Where will you be using your weed grinder?
2. Will be using it daily or once in a while?
3. Will you be using it outdoor or indoor?

5. How important are the size and discreteness?
6. How important price is for you? 



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Will Mexico Legalize Cannabis after California voted in 2016?

Will Mexico Legalize Cannabis after California voted in 2016?

Will Mexico Legalize Cannabis after California voted in 2016?

mexico medical marijuana

In September 2016, a delegation of Californian lawmakers visited Mexico to discuss with the President of Mexico the possibility to liberate the country’s drug laws. They talked with Pena Nieto about trade and the state border to Mexico. The president has proposed to decriminalize the possession of 28 grams or less for recreational purposes. On December 13, the senate voted to legalize medical marijuana. He said he would closely follow the November ballot results.

With the vote in California to legalize the cannabis market, a great amount of pressure is put on Mexico to follow suit. Before, Pena Nieto has said that Mexico and the United States should not have diverged policies on marijuana legislation.

Over the past decades the United States spent huge amounts of money to combat the flow of drugs from the Mexican border, especially the San Diego border. The question is how would legalizing the marijuana market influence this?

Marijuana has always been the cash cow drug traffic cartels depended on. Would a legal marijuana market cut into the Mexican drug smugglers ‘profit, and would it be enough to cripple them? Would it make it easier for drug cartels to grow crops in California in a legitimate form?

At this moment it is all but speculation, but no one thinks the drug war will stop. If there is money to make, there will be ways to find it. It might be that the focus changes to other drugs, if marijuana is not the option anymore. Until now, marijuana is one of the biggest ways to make money, but the legalization in Colorado already gave a blow to the drug cartels. Legalizing it on the Mexican side might just bend their knees.

heroin in the usa

Heroin is fast growing in the United States, and then Mexican cartels have already taken advantage of that.

The general opinion is that Mexico will ease up on their legalization law, as it would make no sense to chase marijuana to the border to just let it be legal on the other side of California. How fast legalization in Mexico will happen, is hard to tell.

The President from Mexico made it clear on some occasions that he would look at legalizing drugs in Mexico rather from a Human Right’s Point of view, as the violence felt under the reign of the previous president is not acceptable.

kid cananbis oil

In the beginning of 2016, there was a breakthrough when a family, whose daughter of 8 years old is suffering from a severe epileptic disease, was allowed to import medicinal from the United States to treat her. Soon after a second family was also allowed and because of that a legal import trade from the United States was allowed.

Later in the year there was a landmark case where it was debated in the Mexican’s Supreme Court whether the prohibition of the consumption and cultivation of marijuana for personal use is unconstitutional. This case is extraordinary, because it is argued on human right grounds and it took place in one of the countries that had suffered most from the war on drugs.

This debate followed because of the 8 year old child that was allowed to bring marijuana substances in to help with her condition.

No one can say how fast legalization will happen, if it will happen and when it will happen. Signs are there that the general population has changed its view on marijuana as a drug.

Plans are introduced to legalize medical marijuana, increase the quantity one can carry for personal consumption from 5 to 28 grams. The plan is also to free some prisoners convicted with carrying small amounts.

American marijuana law

Would it benefit the United States? Yes, it would. Would it benefit Mexico? Certainly so. It might even have an effect on the violence in the country.

The fact of the matter is that legalizing cannabis is a win-win situation for the US and Mexico. Not only will the US be able to outsource large crops to Mexico for cheaper production costs, it will also create a new revenue stream for both countries.

Mexico has the space, the workforce and highly nutrient rich soil for mass production of crops such as hemp and cannabis. To use this as a resource for Americans would be ideal as it would significantly cut costs to the end product. For instance, when it comes to CBD oil extracts, the crops could be grown in Mexico, sent to the US for processing and then redistributed back to Mexico as an export product. Similar to how the current oil scheme is working where Mexico sends raw oil to the US for processing and receives processed petroleum in return.

It really is a matter of “removing the stick from politicians asses” and to give cannabis the chance it deserves.





north american cannabis

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Bills Heading to Governor’s Desk

Michigan Medical Marijuana Bills Heading to Governor’s Desk

Michigan Medical Marijuana Bills Heading to Governor’s Desk

This afternoon, the Michigan House of Representatives concurred in the Senate changes to HB 4209 (83-22), HB 4210 (93-12), and HB 4827 (85-20). All three bills now head to Governor Snyder, who has 14 days to consider the bills once they are officially presented to him. The bills would then become law 90 days after the Governor signs them. For an analysis of the legislation, please refer to our previous post on the subject.

Assuming that Governor Snyder signs the legislation, as he is expected to do, the coming weeks and months will involve a flurry of activity that will greatly impact the medical marijuana system in the State. The Governor must appoint members to the Marijuana Advisory Panel and Medical Marijuana Board pursuant to HB 4209, and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs must begin promulgating rules for the operation of the licensing system created by the legislation. For information and analysis on these developments, check back to the Dykema Cannabis Law Blog.

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420 Evaluations San Jose: Get a MMJ Card Online Right Now!

420 Evaluations San Jose: Get a MMJ Card Online Right Now!

You’re a San Jose resident, and even though you’ve wanted a medical marijuana card for a while now, somehow you don’t have one, right?

Your friends sure do, maybe even some of your family members. I mean, come on, there’s probably a San Jose 420 Evaluations office right down the street they all got their cards at. And they’re all soaking up the goodness that is the California cannabis industry. Why not you?

Luckily, there’s a cheap, quick, easy, and safe way to get your doctor’s recommendation (a.k.a card) for medical cannabis that we’re going to tell you all about in this article.

Click here to get your medical marijuana card ONLINE in less than 10 minutes, which will let you purchase medical cannabis for one full year in California.

With the way that California’s medical marijuana program works, in order to obtain cannabis in any form, you need to have an evaluation and get a recommendation from a licensed doctor. With the passing of Proposition 215 and California Senate Bill 420, physicians, osteopaths, and surgeons became able to issue a recommendation to patients who suffer from a chronic illness, with symptoms that can be treated by medical cannabis.

Getting a 420 evaluation is the first step towards getting your recommendation and your medical marijuana card. Just like when a doctor writes a prescription for a drug that can’t be purchased over the counter, a doctor will need to officially recommend the patient’s cannabis use. Medical marijuana can’t legally be “prescribed”, since it’s still not legal on the federal level, so the recommendation they give you is the statewide official transcript that will be accepted by both dispensaries and law enforcement.

Medical Marijuana Card San Jose

So completing your 420 evaluation is the first step in the process, but how does it work? Well, it works just like any other visit to the physician would, really. At a medical marijuana doctor San Jose office, you make an appointment, go in, and talk to them face-to-face about your symptoms. No matter if you’re going to your regular physician for the evaluation, or if you decide to see a specialized medical marijuana doctor, 420 evaluations in San Jose basically all run in the same way.

The only exception comes when you complete your 420 evaluation online, which we’ll tell you exactly how to do in the next section (scroll down if you want to get straight to the good stuff).

During the evaluation (we’re still talking about an in-person one), a doctor is able to determine if a patient’s symptoms can adequately be treated by medical marijuana. If so, they are able to issue the patient a recommendation that will allow them to access the medical marijuana industry in San Jose, and all throughout California for that matter.

Unfortunately, issuing the recommendation is up to the discretion of the referrer, so sometimes regular physicians won’t recommend marijuana to a patient, even if they are experiencing all the applicable symptoms. This is why people typically opt to conduct their cannabis evaluation with a specialized MMJ doctor. Except, actually going through one of these doctors can be expensive, time consuming, and even sketchy. The service can cost an average of $60 or more, depending on where you go, and it’s completely possible that some places will not give you legitimate documents.

Luckily for those of you trying to see a 420 doctor, there are also specialized medical evaluation services that are available completely online. They take a look at your medical history and reason for seeking out medical cannabis, then connect you with a licensed California medical marijuana doctor over live video or phone to conduct the evaluation process simply over the internet, from the convenience of your own home.

Medical Marijuana Doctor San Jose

When you make an internet search for “marijuana evaluations San Jose,” tons of patient-doctor storefronts come up, so it’s hard to figure out which ones are legitimate, and which ones are total scams. But never fear, as everything you need can be done entirely through NuggMD’s online platform.

It’s a speedy, confidential (but 100% legal) service that connects you with a licensed California doctor totally online, who can help you determine if medical marijuana is right for you. First, a patient will need to upload their medical documents to the site for review. Once that’s done, they will be connected with a doctor for a face-to-face interview that only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. If the patient is approved (which is most of the time), the letter-format recommendation and card will be mailed out on the same day, and for only $39.

The entire process is much smoother and much less of a hassle than having to be physically present for an evaluation. It’s also much cheaper, and if by any chance you aren’t approved, your MMJ evaluation is completely free, which can’t be said about any in-person experience. So instead of going out of your way to potentially get scammed or not even get your rec at one of the 420 evaluations in San Jose, everything can be taken care of online, without even having to leave the house.

Just head on over to

The company actually covers all services related to becoming a legal mmj patient, from the first patient evaluation process, to issuing marijuana card renewals, to helping you find the right cannabis products and actually order them. So no matter if you’re submitting your medical documents for the first time, or if you’re a long-time patient, NuggMD’s services can help you with getting all of your marijuana documentation in stress-free and timely manner.

420 Doctor San Jose

You don’t necessarily need a medical marijuana card in San Jose< to go into a dispensary (all you need is the 8.5” x 11” paper copy of your doctor’s recommendation), but it’s certainly more convenient. Once you’ve gone through your evaluation and have your doctor’s rec, you also have the option to register for the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP). The program is completely voluntary, and when a patient registers for the program they not only get a wallet-sized card with a patient identification number on it, they are also registered to the California Department of Public Health registry, where dispensaries and law enforcement can search their identification number and validate their credentials.

Although this system is convenient, it is expensive and it’s not confidential. When you register through the state of California, not only are fees added onto your total, your identification number is now registered in a public database, meaning that anyone, even employers, can potentially discover that you use medical cannabis. NuggMD offers the same identification card, but it’s not attached to the state’s public system. The card issued through them offers the same protection from law enforcement, and access to dispensaries, but your information is safely stored away in a confidential database.

Once you have your card in your hands, it’s much easier for you to take around with you, as opposed to the full-sized 8.5”x11” sheet of paper the doctor is going to give you. Once a dispensary verifies your recommendation, the next time around they’ll most likely just need to verify your card, so you don’t have to lug that giant piece of paper around with you every time you go in.

Now that your San Jose 420 evaluations process has been taken care of, you have full access to local dispensaries! Aside from the storefront option, a patient also has the option to have cannabis delivered to their location. Over at, you can find weed delivery services and nearby dispensaries that cater to your area at the click of a button, making absolutely everything that has to do with getting your documents and getting your weed available right from your own home.

So what are you waiting for? Grab any internet-connected device and $39 to become a legal medical marijuana patient in about 10 minutes, totally online!

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Let Our People Grow – Q&A with Pietro Milici

Let Our People Grow – Q&A with Pietro Milici

Pietro Milici is a freelance photographer and visual artist based in New York. His ongoing project titled ‘Let Our People Grow’ is an insightful investigation into the world of cannabis. He says, “Let our people go. Let our people grow”, this was a slogan that the American government circulated during the Second World War. This message, aside from encouraging the population to fight for its country, had the secondary aim to encourage the farmers to plant cannabis. It refers to the growth of a plant that years ago was outlawed, the growth of the people that had to defeat the German navy.”

The idea to research this world was born in January, 2013, when after living in Barcelona for a few months, someone brought Pietro to a social cannabis club. The first club that he approached was in the neighbourhood of Gracia, this is where he had the idea of photographing the members of the club to immortalise them during the action of smoking. He wanted to register the exact moment of symbiosis that is established between the subject and the object.


Q. Have you always wanted to be a photographer?

Actually no. Photography is a passion that I had probably been avoiding for a long time because the real first photo I took was in 1990. I was with my parents in Rome. My father taught me how to take a picture, I was using a Minolta x700, the same I sometimes use now. I was 6 years old, and I was pressing that button for the first time while my parents were hugging and laughing. I still have that photo and the memory it comes with. Only in 2005 I started using that camera again. In my life I have been doing a lot of jobs. I am a marine biologist. And only in the last years of university – while I was working as a photographer – I realised that I wanted to do something more with that. And then I decided to put all of my time and all of myself into this art.


Q. During your time in Barcelona, was there anyone whose story particularly stuck with you?

This is a tough question to answer. I met so many people that it is hard to have just one favourite story; At the same time it would not be fair to all the other people and all the other stories. When I think at all my time there and the people I met, I see it like all these people are making one story, one model they are sharing and taking one step forward everyday.

Q. What are some of your favourite cannabis clubs in Barcelona?

I have a lot of clubs passes, of course my investigation gave me a way into all these clubs. But my favourite is ‘La Maria Gracia Club’. I like ‘Club Fum’ and the ‘StrainHunters Club’ as well.  Each one of them is particular in its own way, and what you live and feel in each one of them is very different.



Q. Where did you find inspiration in the city, other than the cannabis communities?

Well the city is full of inspiration, and can give you different points of view. Of course reading and researching gives me the bases to develop my project, but  my inspiration was already in me. I mean that in my case it was something I knew, something I was discovering everyday and really close to me. I just used a camera to share it with the world. It was like an insight research, digging in to my world more deeply.


Q. Where will you be for 4/20 next year?

This is a really tough question to answer now. I am constantly travelling, I’m never sure where I’m going to be next. But if I am not working on something in particular, I think next year I will be in Palermo in the South of Italy, I guess enjoying a good batch of marijuana.


Q. Do you have a nemesis?

No! I guess not at the moment! Sometimes I think I am my own nemesis. Sometimes working on artistic projects is hard: finding the inspiration, the right spot to shoot a photo, the right point of view, the right words, the right image, etc…That’s what I challenge everyday. But that is also what gives me the strength to continue to do what I am doing.

Q. What’s the first thing you do when you walk into a party?

It depends of what kind of party is. But most of the time I go near the DJ or group playing to see what they use, what instruments, how they act, etc.. And if I like it I go straight to the bar.


All images by Pietro Milici   |   Website / Instagram / Behance

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Grape Ape Marijuana Strain Overview

Grape Ape Marijuana Strain Overview

Grape Ape, oh Grape Ape, how lovely you are!

grape ape


Grape Ape is a lovely indica-domninant marijuana strain. With a taste and smell of grape and berry, fans simply can’t get enough of it; and it makes sense, as few strains have near as sweet of a flavor or smell.

Grape Ape is a cross between Skunk, Afghani and Mendocono Purpos. All of these are strong indica strains, giving it a definitive indica experience.

The top effects of the Grape Ape marijuana strain are:

  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Increased appetite and also
  • A strong “head high”

Medical properties:

Some of the top medical ailments it helps with are:

  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Lack of appetite
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and also
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Growing information:

Grape Ape flowers in around 52 days and has a typically medium yield. The plants grow shorter than many other strains, and has an outdoor finish of around September.

Below are a few growing notes specific to this strain, courtesy of our friends at Leafly:

  • Best results with excellent air circulation
  • Clearing lower branches can improve circulation and air flow
  • Grows best in temperatures between 70 to 80°F (21 to 27°C) and at 50% humidity


At the time of publication Grape Ape has 1,079 reviews on Leafly with an average score of 4.3 out of 5 (8.6 out of 10).

Where to find it

If you are lucky enough to live in a state where cannabis is legal for medical and/or recreational purposes, we suggest you check out Leafly’s strain finder.

This feature can use your exact location to find the closet cannabis store or dispensary to you that is currently carrying the Grape Ape marijuana strain; you can also look for a variety of other strains.

Click here for the strain finder.


About Anthony Martinelli

Anthony, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog, has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for Washington State Representative Dave Upthegrove. He has also been published by multiple media outlets, including the Seattle Times. He can be reached at

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Vaporizer Buying Guide: Best Portable Vaporizers Under $200

Vaporizer Buying Guide: Best Portable Vaporizers Under $200

Planning to buy a vape, but with limited funds on your wallet?

Does it mean that you have to settle for a plastic taste on your vaping experience? Or just stick to smoking cannabis? Fortunately, you have great options for portable vaporizers under $200!

Thanks to the growing demand for cannabis and vape products, the industry evolved and is now catering affordable, high-quality vaporizers. You don’t have to settle for a less satisfying vape experience just because you aren’t willing to pay for a  Volcano.

These days, there are a lot of portable vaporizers in the market that are sold for under $200. These portable vaporizers are known for their portability, unique design, and high-quality vapor.

Check our list for the best portable vaporizers under $200 in the market.

#1: G Pen Elite By Grenco Science 

gpen portable vaporizers under $200

Dubbed as a monumental leap in technology according to Grenco Science, the G Pen Elite is unlike your ordinary generic portable vaporizer made from random Chinese OEM factories. It measures around 3.4 inches tall and 1.2 inches wide and made of plastic material. This device can hold around 0.75 grams of cannabis.

According to the manufacturer is a convection vaporizer. This means that air heats up the material via the chamber. When most vaporizers, especially small portable ones make use of conduction method in heating the materials, Grenco Science claims that they have a convection device. But according to cannabis connoisseurs online, they are convinced that the G Pen Elite is a combination of both conduction and convection technology.

What exactly can you expect from this vaporizer? For starters, it heats up to 428°F in roughly half a minute. The good thing about this device is that you don’t get a plastic taste, which could indicate that it makes use of dominantly a convection vaporizer.

As for the downside, it appears that the device is designed with an airflow constrictor. Why exactly did Grenco Science design the device with an airflow restrictor? This avoids instances when you taste hot vapor in your mouth. And because of this, minimal cooling seems like a necessity for this device.

And lastly, the design of the G Pen Elite is discreet. It looks like a kitchen equipment or some music player made of plastic, rather than a cannabis paraphernalia.

#2: Magic Flight Launch Box By Magic Flight 

magic-flight-launch-box portable vaporizers under $200

Another portable vaporizer under $200 that you should check is the Magic Flight Launch Box. This vaporizer looks nothing like other portable versions out there in the market.

The Magic Flight Launch Box offers a simplified approach to vaping. A carved box made of wood, it is quite surprising how this device can compete with some of the modern vaporizers in the market. This device is handmade in San Diego, California via an 87 step process that the company designed specifically to enhance the overall vaping experience.

Looking at the device, The Magic Flight Launch Box looks primitive with no buttons to overcomplicate things. On the other hand, looking at the inside of the device tells a different story. The Magic Flight Launch Box has superb engineering that works using two double A batteries. And to get the device working, you’ll need a plastic tube for your draws.

The best thing about this device is that it is discreet. You won’t recognize the device as some vaporizer. In addition to this, it has a huge chamber to accommodate a decent amount of herbs. In terms of vapor quality, it is comparable to the most expensive options in the market.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the sturdiest product that you can depend on. But still, for its price, it makes a good option if you plan on taking your vaping sessions outside the comforts of your home.

#3: K Vape Vaporizer By Kandypens 

k-vape-vaporizer-by-kandypens portable vaporizers under $200

If you are looking for a device that isn’t pricey and easy to use, then K Vape might interest you. Measuring 5.5 inches tall and around 1 inch thick, this device only has one button and two lights. It has three pre-set temperatures: 360°F (Red), 380°F(Green) and 420°F(Blue).

The K Vape can easily outperform similar products in the market in terms of vapor quality. And despite the size, you’ll never experience combustion from this device. It also provides an accurate temperature for its users. The lowest temperature is suggested for extracting flowers while the highest setting can produce some of the thickest vapor by a portable vaporizer.

The Kandypen K Vape is a dry herb vaporizer, small enough to fit in your pants and has a comfortable rubber grip. When being used, the device can get a bit hot, but it isn’t too hot that it can hurt your hands.

The device also has an auto-shutoff feature which can help preserve the battery when it isn’t in use. It automatically turns off within three minutes of being inactive. It can also fit around 0.6 grams of material in its chamber.

#4: DaVinci Ascent By DaVinci 

davinci-ascent portable vaporizers under $200

Are you the type who is into loose leaf vaping? Then DaVinci Ascent makes perfect sense for you. It is a multi-functional vaporizer that also works well with essential oils and concentrates. Its size is roughly around two iPhones that are stacked above each other.

It has a high-tech design meant to deliver quality vapor to its users. Da Vinci Ascent offers flexible temperature from 38 to 430°F. What makes this device superb in terms of quality is its glass pathway design. This prevents any type of plastic taste that usually comes from portable vaporizers on the market.

The lower third of the device is where you can place the material. It swings 180 degrees to open the chamber. You’ll need to make use of a glass insert if you are going to use this device, while loose leaf should be grounded into tiny pieces to get the best results.

The device heats up to your desired temperature in half a minute. Also, this device is known for its steady draws. Unfortunately, if you are after milky flavorful draws, you might be a bit disappointed with this device. Another downside of this particular device is that it can get a bit sticky after a session, not to mention it is quite hard to load the material on the device.

#5: Alfa Vaporizer By Goboof 

alfa-vaporizer portable vaporizers under $200

The Alfa by Goboof is a tough contender not only for under $200 portable vaporizers but even for the other flower vaporizers in the market. It’s a small, simple and easy to use a device that can make everyone happy.

The cylindrical chamber is well designed by Goboof. For one, it has one of the easiest to clean designs in the market. Next, its heating chamber makes use of a heating pin which allows equal distribution of heat to the cannabis. Though this device is a portable conduction vaporizer, you will not be getting a plastic taste from this particular device. 

In terms of design, the Alfa is compact and smaller than most standard portable vaporizers. It is even considered as one of the smallest vaporizers made. However, despite the small size, it doesn’t seem quite fragile. Also, it has a straightforward design that is easy to understand, regardless if you are new to vaping or experienced.

But one drawback from the Alfa is that you need to grind the material well. Loose material won’t give you a good result since this is a conduction vaporizer. 

Bonus Product: Magical Butter 2 By MB


Another product that we want to include in this list is the Magical Butter. Though the Magical Butter isn’t a portable vaporizer, this can easily compliment your portable vaporizer.

What makes the Magical Butter special is its ability to create cannabis-infused butter, oil and tinctures in seconds. If you think that you’ll need to follow complicated steps, this is something that isn’t complex to use.

It also has self-cleaning capabilities, which minimizes maintenance concerns. Aside from cooking cannabis products, the Magic Butter can also be used for culinary herbs, wherein you can make salad dressings and even skin care products.   


There’s no reason to be frustrated if you plan to vape outside but only have a small budget. Given the number of options in the market today, there are plenty of varieties you can get with just $200. 

Do you prefer vaping dry herbs or maybe essential oils? Comment below and share it with us!


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