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Can Your Pet Benefit From Cannabis?

Can Your Pet Benefit From Cannabis?

Can your pet benefit from Cannabis?

It is just natural for us humans to think of our furry friends when it comes to ease their pain and suffering in the best way we can think of. Even more so, now that cannabis is legalized in more than half of the states of the United States for medicinal purposes for humans, naturally we would like to let our pets share in that. After all, they suffer many times similar health issues as us humans.

Pets also have an endocannabinoid system, just like us. Cannabis does what it does best. It mimics the natural messenger compounds in the body. In pets, the message delivering is just louder, stronger and longer.

The natural messenger cannabinoid of your pet is called anandamide and (2-AG) 2- Arachidonoylglycerol. The CB1 receptor in the brain and CB2 receptors in the body are stimulated by them. The difference between the human body and that of an animal is, that the cannabinoids in marijuana attach to the receptors, but don’t let go easily. They hang on longer. Drugs that can hang on longer onto the natural messenger receptors are called an agonist. The chief agonist cannabinoid in marijuana is THC and CBD.

Does it help the pet in any way? Scientifically not enough tests have been done on pets yet. The American Veterinary Medical Association has not taken any official stance also. Even in states where cannabis is legal, veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis for pets.  Veterinarians that prescribe carefree, fail to take the following points in consideration:

  • They are assuming that the cannabinoid system in dogs and cats work the same as that of humans
  • They say that the ingredients in cannabis is practically harmless for pets

None of this has been tested yet. Dogs and cats metabolize Cannabinoids quite different from us. No veterinarian can with all surety say they know what the effect of cannabis will be on the pet. However some preliminary results have shown promise.

How can we help our pets then?

A bulldog suffered two years by lying down or vomiting until his owner started to give him a daily dose of medical marijuana. Now he plays like a puppy. A 12 year old Lab mix suffered from liver and lung cancer. After his owner started to give him medicinal tincture made from marijuana, he started to regain appetite. A Boxer’s skin cancer started to heal after marijuana oil topically was used. These are all stories of hope.

Another lady has an older cat that suffers from severe arthritis and wouldn’t come out of the closest for days. After she bought medical marijuana for pets in a spray form, almost immediately her cat has become her old self again and wants to be petted, eats better and sits on her lap.

It also looks like medicinal marijuana with high CBD, reacts better. A product called Canna-Pet is used to treat a 3 year old Rottweiler in Vermont. The dog is treated for seizures and anxiety, and after 8 months, there are far fewer seizures. Dogs are very sensitive to THC, but it seems that CBD has the acquired affect.

Vets and Marijuana Vets find themselves in a difficult place, because even though some would like to help with medicinal cannabis, their hands are still bound. It is even dangerous to mention it, because it can have career-ending consequences.

While it is not clear if medical cannabis is bad for your pet, it is also not clear if it is good for your pet. There are just not enough research on medical marijuana and your pet yet. Dosage amounts for cats, dogs or any other pet will be different from that to us humans. It is advisable to start with small doses and to be sure to stay within vet protocol.

With marijuana legal in many states, there is also a higher risk for intoxication and a high dose can lead to the death of the pet. Dogs might be more prone than cats to eat edibles, but that could be something very harmful to a dog, especially if it contains chocolate and raisins, as both are highly toxic to dogs.

It is recommendable to stick to pet products that are made from hemp based material and is high in CBD. It is also recommendable not to give medical marijuana to your pet without research. It is a deadly uncertainty as veterinarians cannot prescribe the correct dose, especially when THC is involved, not enough studies yet.

In conclusion, it is still too much error by trial, but if you have success or know of cases that worked out well, the prerogative is all yours. At this moment it the healing matter of our pets are mainly based and testimonies by owners that had success with the treatment.





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Can Cannabis Help With PMS?

Can Cannabis Help With PMS?

Can Cannabis Help With PMS?

Like many women, you may find that turning to ice cream and other such comfort foods may help you to overcome the discomfort that you may feel whilst on your period, as well as the various early warning signs that it is quickly approaching.  Using cannabis to treat PMS however is again being researched.

During Queen Victoria’s reign, it was famously noted that one of her own physicians actually prescribed a dose of medication containing marijuana to help overcome the pains that came with the menstrual cycle.  Around the same time, women across America were being prescribed medical syrup known as Dysmenine to ease the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps.  This medication contained a dose of marijuana.

Fast-forward to the present day, and slowly, doctors are beginning to prescribe marijuana for PMS again.  A licensed medical professional who is permitted to prescribe medical marijuana to patients is known as a ‘green doctor’.  If you visit one in California, it is possible that you could walk away with a prescription for the substance.  If you have severe pain caused by PMS, then it is something that doctors are now recommending marijuana for.  In the most severe cases, medical marijuana facilities in Colorado also prescribe patients with cannabis as a treatment.

What you may be wondering is just why doctors are now deciding to prescribe medical marijuana to patients suffering from severe PMS symptoms.  Quite simply, it has been proven time and time again to lower pain.  In addition, THC, which is an active ingredient in marijuana, has also been shown to reduce the symptoms of nausea and anxiety.  These properties of marijuana collectively help the symptoms that come with PMS, including headaches, abdominal cramps, and mood swings.

It does not come as a surprise that marijuana is being prescribed to help with these symptoms however.  Even before green doctors had started making recommendations to their patients to try the remedy, for decades, women have praised cannabis for offering them relief from their temporary symptoms during that particular time of the month, especially the pain associated with menstrual cramps.

Now you may be wondering why it is that physicians are only just beginning to see this benefit to women for medical marijuana use.  Well for a start, there as not been a great deal of research carried out in relation to the connection between marijuana and periods.  This doesn’t mean that there is any doubt about it’s usefulness to women, but it is just that PMS has so far not been considered to be of great enough importance to research.  At the end of the day, research costs a lot of money and so other illnesses such as cancer and PTSD have been regarded as being more important than the short term symptoms faced by some women.

Another reason why there has been a lack of research into the treatment of PMS symptoms using marijuana is due to the federal government.  Getting permission to legally test the effectiveness of marijuana involves a lot of legal paperwork, especially as it is not legal on a federal level.  For this reason, validating any research at all into marijuana use for PMS is very tricky.

There are also some conflicting opinions when it comes to offering women marijuana to treat the symptoms of PMS.  THC has been known to cause paranoia and other mental health issues when it is used for prolonged amounts of time.  It can also lead to the patient over eating.  Neither of these long-term side effects are helpful to women who suffer from severe PMS symptoms.

Even if marijuana is prescribed for PMS however, it is recommended that the patient is careful about the dose that she takes.  The correct dosage for the patient is the lowest possible amount of marijuana that is required to ease the symptoms to a comfortable level.  If the patient follows the appropriate guidelines for choosing the correct dose, then it is possible to use medical marijuana without the psychoactive side effects that it can cause.

If you have been recommended to use medical marijuana for severe PMS symptoms, you may be wondering what strains are going to be best for you to use.  It is important that you always look for the strains of marijuana that are indica dominant.  The indica strains are best for relieving pain, and this is not a property that can usually be attributed to sativa strains.  When you choose a sativa variety of marijuana plant, you will experience a high feeling.  You are also likely to feel hungry after you have used a sativa strain.  This is not likely to help with your PMS symptoms.  Due to the more mellow feeling, the effective relief from menstrual cramps and the lower risk of being left with a hungry feeling, indica strains are usually the plants to look out for when you are choosing your medical marijuana products.





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The Top 5 Dry Herb & Oil Vaporizers Of 2016

The Top 5 Dry Herb & Oil Vaporizers Of 2016

Thursday, December 1st, 2016



2016 has seen so many new innovative products emerge from the cannabis industry and in the world of vaporizers, that goes double. Whether you just like good old herb vaporizers or if you’re an all out oil enthusiast we’ve got you covered.

This Thing Rips! R2 Series Vape Pen Kit

R2 Series VaporizersThis sleek, discreet concentrate vape is perfect for the discreet smoker. It features a easy to remove top cap and a polycarbonate visual heating chamber for a nice burn all the way through. Coming from the highly respected vaporizer company Smok this is the perfect vape for someone who prefers to smoke on the down low.

Fez Dry Leaf Vaporizer

Fez Dry Leaf Vaporizers

If you couldn’t already tell by the name, this thing is made for vaping dry herb in style. The Fez has no lack of power and comes equipped with an extremely powerful, 4,000 mVh lithium ion battery that can handle up to 2,000 puffs on a single charge. It also comes with 3 different temperature control settings ranging from 300-464 degrees Fahrenheit . These vaporizers are very discreet, powerful and easy to clean giving you a great vaporizer for a good price.

Entropy Vape Kit With Ceramic Atomizer and Dabber Tool

Entropy Vaporizers

Coming from Entropy Labs, you know these are going to be quality vaporizers. The heating element and outside housing are ceramic making it easy to clean. Inside is a mounted wick coil for a tasty oil vaping experience. It also comes with a rechargeable 1100 mAh ego battery, a titanium dabber tool, a USB charger and a carrying case!

OG Four 2.0 Lava-Quartz Coil Vaporizer
OG Four 2.0 Lava-Quartz Coil Vaporizers

The OG Four 2.0 is the newest creation from This Thing Rips! It uses lava-quartz technology to give you the cleanest and smoothest hit possible. Inside this beast is a quartz rod single coil atomizer that is perfect for vaping concentrates while providing the best taste possible. For power it’s got a 6500 mAh battery and you also get a dabbr tool, a silicone jar, a usb connector and even an extra atomizer!

The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

The Extreme-Q Vaporizers

What you’re looking at is a table top Extreme-Q Vaporizer from no other then Arizer. You can use it two ways, either with the hose or the collection bags. What makes this vaporizer so amazing is it comes with a lifetime warranty, two cyclone bowls, a hose, an adapter, two food grade high temp-ready collection bags and some other accessories to go along with it. It features a easy-to-use LED screen that makes it easy to control all the settings. This vaporizer is perfect for someone looking to have only the highest quality smoking experience with smooth, great tasting hits.


Do you know of an amazing vaporizer that should be on the list, but isn’t? Let us know in the comments below and it could be added! We’d love to hear what vaporizers our readers like or don’t like!

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Governor Snyder Signs Medical Marihuana Bills Into Law

Governor Snyder Signs Medical Marihuana Bills Into Law

Governor Snyder Signs Medical Marihuana Bills Into Law

Governor Snyder was officially presented HB 4209, HB 4210, and HB 4827 at about 3:30 p.m. this afternoon and almost immediately signed the three bills into law. In his release, the Governor stated that “[t]his new law will help Michiganders of all ages and with varying medical conditions access safe products to relieve their suffering. We can finally implement a solid framework that gives patients a safe source from which to purchase and utilize medical marijuana.”

HB 4209 is now Public Act 281 of 2016, HB 4210 is now Public Act 282 of 2016, and HB 4827 is now Public Act 283 of 2016. All three acts now become effective in 90 days.

For more information on the implementation of the new laws, check back to Dykema’s Cannabis Law Blog.

Published at Tue, 20 Sep 2016 16:00:00 +0000

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Election Night Expands Cannabis Industry

Election Night Expands Cannabis Industry

Election Night Expands Cannabis Industry

Amidst the suspense and commotion of the presidential election, the cannabis industry in the United States quietly, but significantly, expanded on Tuesday night. A record number of medical and adult use initiatives were on ballots across the nation, and the large number of victories drastically expands the scope of the industry, while also likely setting the stage for further initiatives in 2018 and beyond.

According to the Associated Press, adult use ballot initiatives passed in three states – California (56 percent of voters approved Proposition 64), Massachusetts (54 percent of voters approved Question 4), and Nevada (54 percent of voters approved Question 2). Proponents of the adult use initiative in Maine are also claiming victory on Question 1, although national media outlets have refrained from calling the proposition, as precincts continue to report and the margins remain razor thin. Overall, the only blemish for recreational ballot measures last night was in Arizona, where 52 percent of voters defeated Proposition 205.

Once the laws approved at the ballot box last night go into effect, more than 64 million Americans will live in states where adults can legally use cannabis under state law. Moreover, while the cannabis movement had been confined to the West Coast, the passage in Massachusetts (and, potentially, Maine) gives adult use marijuana laws a foothold on the East Coast.

In addition to adult use proposals, Arkansas (53 percent of voters approved Issue 6), Florida (71 percent of voters approved Amendment 2), and North Dakota (64 percent of voters approved Measure 5) approved medical marijuana ballot initiatives, bringing the total number of states that have approved such laws to 28.

It remains to be seen whether 2016 will be seen as a tipping point with regard to efforts to legitimize and legalize cannabis in the United States, but last night’s victories establish significant momentum going forward. While concern remains that President-Elect Trump may appoint individuals who are antagonistic towards the cannabis industry to key positions, such as Attorney General, the likelihood that the Department of Justice will amend its Cole Memo-enunciated stance on the enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act (the “CSA”) seems to be diminishing. With more than half the states in the nation having now approved medical marijuana laws and approximately one-fifth of the country’s population now residing in a state that has approved recreational usage of cannabis for adults, the pressure seems to be mounting on the federal government to either address the legal dichotomy directly or, at the very least, to continue to exercise discretion while also beginning to tackle issues such as access to financial services and taxation.

For summaries of these ballot initiatives and information on implementation, check back to Dykema’s Cannabis Law Blog.

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Marc Emery arrested after Montreal police raid new Cannabis Culture Dispensaries

Marc Emery arrested after Montreal police raid new Cannabis Culture Dispensaries

Montreal police raided several new Cannabis Culture dispensaries Friday evening, apparently without a warrant.

The news broke over Facebook where Cannabis Culture went live. Cannabis Culture co-owner Jodie Emery also tweeted the news:

Her husband, Marc Emery, was arrested at the Mont-Royal Avenue location, along with a still-unknown number of staff members.

“This arrest is wrong, and the prohibition is wrong, and the prime minister is a disgrace,” Emery reportedly shouted as police arrested him. A crowd quickly began chanting: “Free Marc Emery.”

Jodie later shared her husband and business partner’s arrest on Instagram. She doesn’t know yet if a warrant is out for her arrest as well. 

Sources told the Montreal Gazette that undercover officers had been surveilling the store just hours after opening yesterday.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre said there would be “zero tolerance” for unregulated vendors. Police have previously raided Cannabis Culture locations in Toronto, Hamilton and Peterborough. Many reopened within days.

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Canadian task force wants to legalize pot

Canadian task force wants to legalize pot

The Columbian / Associated Press

TORONTO — Canada’s government said Tuesday it would study a federal task force’s recommendation that Canadians over 18 years old be allowed to buy marijuana for recreational purposes and would announce new laws in the spring that would legalize pot.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has long promised to legalize recreational pot use and sales. If passed, Canada would be the largest developed country to end prohibition of recreational marijuana. Voters in California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada voted Nov. 8 to approve the use of recreational marijuana, joining Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, where it had previously been legalized.

The marijuana task force report, headed by former Canadian Liberal Health Minister Anne McLellan, recommended that adults could carry up to 30 grams for recreational purpose and grow up to four plants. It also recommended that higher-potency pot be taxed at a higher rate than weaker strains. And said recreational marijuana should not be sold in the same location as alcohol or tobacco. Under the proposals, alcohol-free cannabis lounges would be allowed.

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Smokditrots Gas Mask Hookah

Smokditrots Gas Mask Hookah

Welcome to the SmokDitrots.
Smokditrots Gas Mask Hookah Straight Hose Red Pipe Complete Set(Gift Bronze Skull Grinder)

Only SmokDitrots can guarantee the gift and product quality!

* Descriptipn
Black Full Face Gas Mask with Adjustable Straps and Tobacco Pipe.
Transparent red straight pipe.
Durable and can be used repeatedly for a long time with Proper care.
Gas Mask & Pipe, two in one, you can just use tobacco pipe or use both gas mask and pipe together.

* Essential information
Material: Acrylic + Silicone.
It is easy to assemble/disassemble, clean, and store away, perfect .
Gas mask bong size:
Full Length 17 inch(43cm).(Contains the full length of the mask and straight pipe combination)
Pipe Length 10.2 inch(26cm), Diameter :1.5 inch(3.8cm), Filtration ball diameter 2.9 inch (7.3cm)
Gas Mask Length 7 inch(18cm), width 6.3 inch(16cm), Adjustable Straps

* Bronze Skull Grinder :
Material: zinc alloy
Size: Height 2.95″,The maximum diameter: 1.85 (7.5cm x 4.7cm)
Double sided magnetic grinding compartment which can be screw-off the skull has a mesh screen bottom that automatically collects pollen
The bottom compartment can be used to store your grounded herb or simply to hold & collect your pollen
Easy to use, easy to carry and easy to clean.

* Package Content:
1 x Gas mask
1 x Red Straight pipe
1 x Bronze Skull Grinder

* Warm Tips
Dear customers, thanks for your business. we will always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, we will response in 24 hours, your positive feedback and review will be greatly appreciated, many thanks!

* EPacket to USA, takes 7~12 working days.

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How Cannabis Helps Smart People Get Ahead In Life

How Cannabis Helps Smart People Get Ahead In Life

How Cannabis Chilled me out – Cannabis the Exit Drug

I’m going to tell you the story of how Reginald Reefer got into the entire drug game. When I was thirteen, I smoked my first joint. I liked it from the get go.

Then, after about a year or two, I started experimenting with other drugs. Now I know some people will look at this and say, “SEE, cannabis is a Gateway drug!” However, I’d respond with…I drank alcohol before I smoked weed…so if anything is to blame for the progression of drug use…it’s definitely alcohol.

The fact of the matter, is that unlike the gateway theory suggests…I wasn’t looking for a “better high”, I was rather curious about the different affect drugs could have on me. If weed makes me feel like this, what would MDMA feel like? What about cocaine? What about LSD?

You see, for me it wasn’t about getting ‘higher’ because the ‘weed high’ wasn’t enough. It was more about the curiosity of exploring my options and understanding that ‘weed was nothing like the PSA claimed it would be”, so perhaps they were lying about the rest.

Making a long story a bit shorter, eventually I had done a buffet of drugs and was getting high every week. Sometimes I’d go on month long benders, making cocktails of drugs from Peyote to Coke, mixing it with acid and whatever else I could find.

This stint lasted for about five years. After my father died, I realized that my current use of drugs was not the ‘healthiest’ thing I could be doing.

I entered into a short religious phase where I cut out all my drug use except the sanctioned alcohol.

When I realized Drugs were cognitive tools

It was after my religious stint that I re-introduced cannabis into my life. This time around, cannabis wasn’t a novelty action I used to ‘have fun’ but rather a tool for alternative cognition practices. I understood that drugs in general are just that…tools.

Eventually I re-introduced psychedelics into my life, yet with cannabis as my teacher, I now knew how to use it in moderation. No longer was I a weekend thrill seeker, but understood that if used correctly, I could vastly improve my cognitive functions.

You see, when you’re younger…you are in a constant state of self-realization. You explore options and do things in excess…testing your limitations.

However, with time you begin to learn what you can and cannot do. You learn the limitations of yourself and learn to regulate your consumption of other substances.

Everything can be “bad for you” when used in excess. Even weed can be ‘bad’ if you let it control you. However weed + age can equate to wisdom.

Cannabis helped me realize that I could use substances to empower my thought processes. I use things like LSD when I need to break paradigms or explore options from a different perceptive stance. Cannabis is my constant. I don’t smoke all day, in fact, I smoke a lot less than I used too when I was 15.

I don’t need to smoke that much anymore. I like to play around with my state of mind to achieve different things.

Thus, cannabis actually did the opposite for my drug use. I hardly drink alcohol anymore, I do psychedelics maybe once or twice a year, I smoke way less than a gram of cannabis per day. (I dab)

Not only has alcohol curbed my drug use in general, it has given me the perspective to utilize drugs in the right way.

Cannabis helping with Addiction

Now, straying away from the personal perception of how cannabis helped me, let’s stroll down the paths of history for a minute.

During alcohol prohibition, cannabis ‘clubs” were erected to help people wean off alcohol addiction. Many people use cannabis to break stronger addictions and even today we can see how cannabis legalization has affected prescription pain killer overdoses.

This indicates that cannabis is indeed an exit drug or at least can be. We have to understand that drug use has a lot to do with your personality as opposed to your physical response to any drug. The idea that cannabis leads to harder drugs have been disproved a long time ago, in fact, the opposite might be true.

I was a crazed youth, seeking drug filled adventures for many years, however with time and understanding I discovered that there was a better way. My teacher; Cannabis, has helped me come to the right conclusions over the years.

My question to you guys is the following; has cannabis chilled you out? How has cannabis taught you to be a more responsible drug user? I’d love to hear about it so leave your comments below.




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Rituals - 1

Why a Cannabis Ritual?

People engage in all kinds of different, personal rituals every day. Even the smallest rituals are paramount to how we function. If we didn’t practice a daily personal hygiene ritual, we’d probably offend others. Likewise, if we chose to ignore the ritual of waking up at a decent hour and getting dressed, we’d feel uncomfortable and exposed.

Recent research shows that rituals, in all their forms, may be more rational than they appear. Combine this with Cannabis (known for its stress-relieving and anti-anxiety effects) and you can enjoy the benefits of both as part of your wellness routine.

Setting Your Intentions

So let’s consider using cannabis as a ritual act. Allow the ritual act of consuming cannabis with intention help bring meaning to everyday life. In the moment it takes to reflect and re-centre yourself before meditating, or smoking a bowl, give yourself a positive intention. Let go of what no longer serves you on an exhale and on the next inhale, hold it and know that you’re bringing happiness to yourself.

Rituals - 2

The Vedic priests believed consuming bhang (a marijuana infused almond milk drink) without intent was foolish.  If you enjoy enjoying the ‘wake and bake’ ritual, then set an intention that will resonate with you for the rest of the day. A quick simple one from A Course in Miracles is, “What will you have me do, what will you have me say and to whom?” Cannabis is known to allow you to see things from a different perspective, and this can set a positive and receptive tone for you to enjoy the rest of your day. At the end of the day, take time to let go and better understand any problems or emotions that you felt. Why not think about the intent of your action and manifest some good, while you’re loading up your evening bowl? For some, this is the only action or time to reflect.

Rituals help us stay grounded. A practice that is repeated over and over becomes easier as time passes and gives us normality. When everything seems to go wrong and off kilter, a ritual helps you pull back into yourself and become centred as you give your focus to one action and nothing else. There are plenty of times when I forget my practices and have to start over. I often have to refocus and remind myself that these seemingly silly rituals will bring me balance. Rituals take time, that’s the point, but during that time you’re able to reset and recenter. While they make take time to get used to and time out of our already busy lives, rituals bring us a brief moment of simplicity and allow a shift to occur within ourselves when needed.

File_000 (3)

Sativa or Indica?

There are many cannabis strains you can use in your ritual. In small doses, indicas won’t be overwhelmingly sleepy. Indicas are best for night reflections and for those who suffer from high levels of anxiety. Sativas are more for creative or outdoor activities during the day but be warned that some strains can be overly energetic and racy. Hybrids are a perfect combination, some leaning more sativa or indica heavy, so ask your budtender what they’d recommend for you specifically. I enjoy high CBD strains because they elevate pain but for some it makes them tired. Everyone is different, ask questions and research what consumption methods are right for you.

I have a simple ritual I use for very bad days, or days when I’m overwhelmed and need to get my head straight. As someone who is very accustomed to the depths of my subconscious, I’ve had to learn a few tricks over the years to stop myself from sinking, but it may take some time to get used to.

Rituals - 4

First, I intentionally load my pipe or vaporizer while I think about what I’m doing and why. Why am I smoking? How can cannabis help me? Do I need to let go of something that’s holding me back from my fullest potential? Then, I focus on the question as I inhale and exhale.

Remember, not everything is going to go away after you finish. Acknowledge any feelings that come up even if they’re tears, pain or a soft sense of peace. There’s no one to judge you on your response because it’s needed in order to move past what’s pulling you down. A ritual has many components, so feel free to incorporate this quick ritual into your own practice.

Click to read ‘Rituals: Part One – Origins
Written by Aleecia Head / Images by Canna Curious Club

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