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The 5 Best Weed Vaporizers of 2017

The 5 Best Weed Vaporizers of 2017

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers are as popular nowadays as they have ever been in the past. New Portable Weed vaporizers seem to be released week after week as the advancements in vaporizing technology shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. There has been a continuous growing trend in recent years as we see people become more health conscious and this can also be seen to be spilling over into the vaporizer industry as people seek the most healthy and efficient way to consume their dry herb materials. Vaporization offers many fantastic health benefits over combustion and this combined with the growing advancements in Vaporization technology means we are seeing vaporizers that are more compact, aesthetically pleasing and more efficient than ever before. Of course this is absolutely fantastic for all the Vape enthusiasts out there who wait patiently to get their hands on the newest and most anticipated vaporizers on the market, however it can become over-whelming, especially for those of us out there who do not have the best knowledge of the vaporizer market. This is what we will be aiming to do today, taking a much closer look at the best weed vaporizers that are currently available today. Some of the brands you may recognise as they have become near household names (especially within the Vaping industry) and some of the brands may be new to you, but whatever the case may be, here below are the top 5 best portable weed vaporizers that are currently available in 2017.

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Firefly 2 Vaporizer

The original Firefly Vaporizer was one of the most well-known and popular portable dry herb vaporizers to first burst onto the scene. The original Firefly Vaporizer was a huge success and Vape enthusiasts across the world fell in love with it. The Firefly was known for it’s super quick heat up time, and believe it or not the Firefly 2 has actually improved on this. The Firefly 2 was hugely anticipated once it was announced that the original Firefly was to have a successor and people from all walks of life waiting impatiently for the release of this new beast. Similar to the original unit, the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is the perfect vape for someone who is in search for a portable vaporizer that is capable of producing premium, high quality vapor nearly on-demand. The Firefly 2 Vape has nearly instant on demand heating systems so this is the perfect unit for those of us who enjoy splitting a bowl across multiple sessions or are in need of a quick session without wasting any of the good dry herb materials.

Firefly 2 – Design

The Firefly 2 is a much more compact piece than the original vaporizer. In comparison to it’s predecessor, the Firefly 2 Vape is roughly 33% smaller and more compact and it weighs in almost 55% lighter which really shows just how far the vaporizartion technology has come in recent years. If we were to compare it to other well known vapes out there, the the Firefly 2 Vape is a similar height and weight to the Crafty Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel. The Firefly 2 is much lighter as manufacturers turned to using a magnesium alloy body as opposed to the stainless steel one found in the original Vaporizer. The Firefly 2 is definitely a very stylish vaporizer and it’s colour scheme may be off-putting for people who value discreetness as a priority in their Vaporizers, however with it’s super impressive heat up time, the Firefly 2 Vape allows for ultra-quick sessions and also minimal smell is left behind in comparison to other handheld weed vaporizers.

Firefly 2 – Technology

In comparison to the original Firefly, the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is a much improved piece of equipment. The FF2 makes use of a impressive 50 watt heater system that is also combined with a whole borosilicate glass bowl, the combination of these two things is the reason behind Firefly’s impressive premium vapor. The Firefly 2 Vape comes with six different heating settings which include 5 that are for vaping dry herb materials and one heat setting specifically for vaping concentrates. The heating system in this vaporizer really is no slouch, it’s capable of reaching 400F (240C) in just 3 seconds and can hit 420F (215C) in a mere 5 seconds, this thing is seriously impressive. The Firefly 2 Vape will only heat your dry herb materials when you are hitting them and this is why it is so successful at splitting a bowl across many different sessions, something that is a massive advantage over other handheld dry herb vaporizers. The Firefly 2 Vape also has a much better airflow than it’s predecessor and this is down to a unique design change: the bowl of the FF2 has a 55 hole pattern in it which allows it to intake much more air and thus improving airflow which means that the vapor produced is much more pure and delicious.

Firefly 2 – Summary

The Firefly 2 is a fantastic vaporizer. The fact that it can produce premium vapor that is on par with some desktop vaporizers really says it all. As far as portable dry herb vaporizers go, the Firefly 2 is damn near the top in terms of quality of vapor produced. The Firefly 2 also has a minimal learning curve and is hugely accessible to all people, regardless of their previous Vaping experience. The FF2 is also a very low maintenance piece, requiring minimal cleaning and updating to keep it in top condition. This Vaporizer is also extremely good for those of us out there who enjoy vaping concentrates (one of the fastest growing aspects within the Cannabis industry) the 500F temperature setting for concentrates allows for supreme, tasty and pure vapor – something that would be very difficult to find in other portable weed vaporizers.

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Boundless CFX Vaporizer

One of the standout Vapes to be released in recent years. The Boundless CFX Vape took us, and many more, by surprise – a really, really good surprise. The Boundless CFX was released at a very competitive price for the quality that this vape is capable of. The Boundless CFX is a portable dry herb conduction vape that is paired alongside it’s brother vape the CF Vaporizer (which is a smaller, less powerful handheld weed vaporizer) and they are both aimed at the classic Storz and Bickel Vapes the Mighty and Crafty. Both of the Boundless Vapes were released at significantly lower prices and can easily compete with competition due to their powerful batteries and heating systems. The CFX Vape comes with a complete temperature spectrum which can be controlled by the user and is displayed on a 1.7″ LCD display screen.

Boundless CFX – Design

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer may not be the most compact or small vape when we compare portable weed vaporizers, however it does have a very nice feel in your hand and it can be easily pocketed if discreetness is something that you require in a vaporizer. The CFX Vaporizer does come with a large bowl which makes using it in groups and in a session with friends, easy and enjoyable. The Boundless CFX Vape stands at 5 inches tall and is roughly 3 inches wide to just over an inch in depth, so it is quite a decent portable vaporizer but maybe not as compact as others within this list.

Boundless CFX – Technology

The CFX Vaporizer comes with a ceramic heating chamber that is combined with a medical grade plastic vapor path whihc ensures the smoothest, pure and tasty vapor is produced. This vaporizer also has a full range of heating temperatures at it’s disposal, the spectrum ranges from 100-430F (38-221C). One of the best aspects to the Boundless CFX Vape is it’s quick heat up time. The CFX is capable of heating up to 400F in roughly 20 seconds which is extremely good for a dry herb portable vape of this size and at this price. The Boundless CFX actually has one of the fastest heating systems for conduction styled vaporizers currently on the market. As far as vapor quality goes, the Boundless CFX Vape is exceptional for the price of this vaporizer. You can expect to get real dense vapor that is both cool and smooth with top notch taste as well, you can’t really ask for much more, can you?

Boundless CFX – Summary

For their first release of portable Vaporizers, Boundless have really hit a home run here. The Boundless CFX is an extremely good vaporizer for it’s price, and those out there who have tried it have had only great things to say about the device. The CFX has the ability to reach full temperature in roughly 20 seconds, it offers a complete range of temperature spectrums, so whatever you preferred vaping temperature is, the CFX has you covered and it can produce thick, dense clouds of vapor almost effortlessly. All in all, the Boundless CFX is a top notch dry herb portable vaporizer that is available at an extremely competitive and consumer friendly price.

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DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

DaVinci have been involved in the manufacture of Vaporizers for quite some time now and the IQ Vaporizer is their third portable vape that they have produced. DaVinci put their name on the scene when they introduced the first DaVinci Vaporizer which was a massive hit when it was first released. They then followed this up with the release of the Ascent Vaporizer, another fantastic portable weed vaporizer which had a hugely anticipated release and subsequently lived up to the hype as people feel in love with the DaVinci brand. Towards the end of 2016, DaVinci announced the imminent release of their third portable dry herb vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer and this one is the best by far and away. The IQ Vape comes with entirely new and slick design and has many impressive features including smart path technology and the use of zirconia for their vapor path (zirconia ceramic bowl, zirconia vapor path, and mouthpiece).

DaVinci IQ – Design

One of the most impressive things about the IQ Vaporizer and probably the first thing that you will notice is how small and compact a vaporizer it really is. This is a look at just how far vaporization technology has come as the DaVinci IQ is one of the most powerful yet smallest vapes. As for as aesthetic purposes go, the IQ Vape is one of the nicest and slickest looking portable dry herb vaporizers currently on the market. Seriously, this thing is gorgeous. The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer weighs in at roughly 145 grams, which means it isn’t the lightest portable dry herb vape on the market (for reference the Pax 3 Vape weighs in at around 95 grams) however the IQ more than makes up for this with it’s compact size.

DaVinci IQ – Technology

Straight to the point, the vapor quality that is produced from the IQ Vaporizer is fantastic, in fact it has gotten such rave reviews that people have said it is the best vapor that you will get from a conduction based portable dry herb vaporizer. One of the main reasons for this is that the IQ Vaporizer has a vapor path constructed 100% from zirconia and this helps to produce very dense and cool premium vapor quality. The IQ Vaporizer is quite the powerful vaporizer and it sure is capable of producing some huge, dense vapor clouds and it also is powerful enough to not become over-worked or over-powered as easily as other conduction based portable vaporizers when you’re looking to hit the vape back to back. The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is also extremely efficient when vaping your herb and the AVB (Already Vaped Bud) that is left over can be seen to be toasted quite evenly. The IQ Vaporizer also comes with a full range of temperature spectrum which ranges from 250F all the way up to 430F. The heating system also works exceptionally fast and the IQ Vape can reach your desired vaping temp in roughly 45 seconds.

DaVinci IQ – Summary

The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is one of the finest portable weed Vaporizers to be released for some time. The combination of it’s superb style, exceptional battery and efficient vaping with it’s price point means that the IQ Vape is really a winner.  DaVinci have hit the ball out of the park with the IQ Vape: the quality of this Vape is seen through it’s solid and sturdy build, innovative heating systems and features and the size, design and style are all massively on point. All in all, DaVinci have done it yet again, the IQ Vaporizer is a real winner.

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Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax is a name that has become synonymous with portable vaporizers. The original Pax was one of the most well known and popular vaporizers to be released and since then Pax have continued to release real quality portable weed vaporizers. Pax has been dubbed the “iPhone of Vaporizers” and it’s really hard to argue with this as they continue to up the ante on all other competitors within the portable dry herb vaporizer industry. Towards the end of 2016 we seen them get ready for the release of their most highly anticipated vape yet, the Pax 3 Vaporizer. The Pax 3 was a significant upgrade over it’s predecessor (the Pax 2 Vape) and it included the ability to vape concentrates (which more and more people are looking for to be a standard in their portable weed vaporizers).

Pax 3 – Design

The Pax 2 Vaporizer was one of the most popular portable dry herb vaporizers so naturally there was huge anticipation for the new release of the Pax 3 Vape. The Pax 3 has the same physical dimensions as it’s little brother however it has gained 3 extra grams due to the change in features and internal functions. The Pax 3 Vaporizer is a very beautiful and stylish vaporizer and it is discreet and compact so it can be slipped into a pocket at a minutes notice if needs be. The finish on the Pax 3 Vaporizer is also one of it’s best features as it has a gleaming, high polished finish and looks fantastic.

Pax 3 – Technology

This is one of the biggest areas of improvement for the Pax 3 Vaporizer. The Pax 3 has a significantly faster heat up time in comparison to the Pax 2. The Pax 3 is capable of reaching it’s desired vaping temperature in roughly 15 seconds, which is perfect for those of us who wish to enjoy a quick vaping session. The Pax 3 Vaporizer comes with 4 different heating temperatures that range from 360F(182C) to 420F(215C). The biggest new feature to be added to the Pax 3 Vaporizer is it’s ability to vape concentrates. This was obviously influenced by the growing demand within the cannabis industry for all things concentrate related, and Pax listened to their die-hard fans and delivered. The Pax 3 Vaporizer is also compatible with a smartphone app which allows the user to gain exceptional control over the range of vaping temperatures.

Pax 3 – Summary

Overall the Pax 3 Vaporizer is a seriously impressive vape. The upgrades to the Pax 3 from the Pax 2 have made this a significantly more efficient and powerful portable weed vaporizer. the faster heat up time on the Pax 3 Vaporizer is certainly a massive draw for fans, and combined with the smart control app means that this is one of the finest portable vapes currently on the market.

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Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer is brought to us from German Vape manufacturers Storz and Bickel. The Mighty is portable vape that uses a hybrid convection heating system, which is the same for its little brother vape the Crafty. The Mighty differs from the Crafty in that it is nearly twice as powerful and and over twice the battery life.  The Mighty Vaporizer has one of the best battery life out of all portable weed vaporizers and that really is saying something.

Mighty Vape – Design

The Mighty Vaporizer is one of the largest portable vaporizers that is currently on the market and there have been arguments made over whether it is a true portable vape or not. However it is handy to throw into a bag or purse, you may run into difficulty trying to squeeze the Mighty Vaporizer into your pocket. This is a fantastic Vaporizer to be used when you are hanging with friends and it’s perfect for sharing when in a group session.

Mighty Vape – Technology

The Mighty Vaporizer is unique in that it uses both conduction and convection heating elements which can also be called a hybrid. This method allows the Mighty Vaporizer to produce some outstanding vapor which is dense and absolutely full of flavour. The Mighty Vape is capable of producing this premium vapor consistently and will vape your bud evenly and efficiently. The Mighty Vape has a built in LED display that makes using it so simple and it also is super easy to control and maintain the temperature.

Mighty Vape – Summary

All in all, the Mighty Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers you can get at the moment. It is exceptionally powerful and efficient. This is a vaporizer that could be marked as a “Must have” and if you can deal with the the ability to easily hide it, then this is the perfect vaporizer for you, regardless of your vaping needs. The Mighty Vaporizer is so easy to use, produces premium and dense vapor and is one of the most consistent vaporizers on the market.

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